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  1. My brain is too busy with the day's events. Fantastic dreams can be removed when there are no vivid experiences during the day, the subconscious mind compensates for the lack of emotions and impressions in the dream. And when there are a lot of events, and they also require some kind of solution, then consciousness continues to work offline.

    I think that to bring back fantastic dreams, you need to unload the brain. You can, for example, write out all the events on a piece of paper before going to bed. Don't watch movies or TV shows right before bedtime. It's better to read a book. Prepare yourself for bed.

    In general, vivid dreams can be removed from boredom during the day, so if they are not present, then life is so rich that the subconscious mind does not need to entertain you at night.

  2. Dreams are made up of undigested leftovers from the day and material that breaks out of the unconscious. During sleep, the defense mechanisms of the psyche weaken and unconscious fantasies pop up in consciousness. If dreams consist only of daily remnants, we assume that the defense mechanisms of the psyche have become tougher, as a result of the actualization of internal conflict,

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