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  1. I apologize in advance if I did not understand the author's message clearly enough – about the loss of scientific and practical knowledge about the operational and logical functioning of nature.

    I do not undertake to analyze religious revelations about the Divine mechanisms of the creation of the universe, described as emergency 7 days, with one day off to rest from hard work, but in the modern scientific paradigm, someone P. P. Garyaev, discovered the coherent radiation of a genome molecule when it is irradiated with a red monochromatic beam. Earlier, in his experimental works, he presented evidence that allows us to assert the reasonableness of the structure of the protein molecule itself, which reads the order of coding of nucleotides in codons according to the semantic principle and the possibility of feedback using audio signals ( words and music) on the processes of regulating the construction of protein molecules.

    Based on the listed properties of living nature, P. P. Garyaev formulated a model for the operation of the dna helix as a laser generator that has all the information about the future body and the surrounding space and is able to change the information environment by the type of formation of the object's time field.

  2. This KNOWLEDGE is not lost and exists under other terms and lexicons and interpretations.

    Concepts and methods of information theory must be mentioned here because of their direct effective relation to this topic.

  3. To lose something, first you need to have it. Moreover, it is impossible to lose knowledge. The very idea of losing knowledge creates confusion and anxiety in the mind. And this idea has taken root quite well in human society. Which would state,”…that God has an operational-logical nature of being… ” you need to KNOW this, and this is just someone's ASSUMPTION. The logical conclusion that the mind has reached is just a guess, not knowledge. So the question itself is idle. Emptiness begets emptiness.

  4. And the answer is simple, and it is in the commandments. “And He created man in his own image and likeness…” The answer is found in the Book of Job. Although man is created in the image and likeness, he is not God. And we, in our pride, interpret His words as we want, find meanings in His Word that we need, but which are not there. We imagined ourselves equal to Him, even though Nietzsche wrote: “God is dead”, that is, He is not in our soul… And we are constantly creating It. But it's not Him. We adopted the logic of Aristotle, then rejected it, but offered instead the logic of Einstein, which is based on mathematics invented by us. But they do not offer us true knowledge, only the tortured fantasies of various Hawkings…

  5. Probably because in addition to translation, there is also a historical context. In addition, we must remember that the first revelations about God were not written in Greek. Further… It is recognized that philosophers had fragments of knowledge about God, but this knowledge was not complete, and fragments cannot be summed up to get the whole. The most profound and extensive knowledge of God is given to Christians. For Christianity, philosophy is the lowest level, falling short of the experience of living in the Holy Spirit. So don't fantasize where you don't know enough.

  6. Being is an empty concept, nothing. Therefore, to market for being is to conduct a market about the empty. Consciousness is also an empty concept, nothing. There is no such thing as consciousness. It follows from this: “Being defines consciousness” – empty defines empty.

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