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  1. The Sphinx statue was named by the Greeks after the country was conquered from the Persians by Alexander the Great in the fourth century BC. The statue reminded them of a character from their own Greek mythology. As it is, of course, it is not a sphinx at all. Composite creatures (when there are several animals in one) are found not only in Egyptian, but in general in Neolithic art (from the transition of people to a sedentary (in one place) way of life to the formation of the state). In Egypt, this tradition continued after.

    Don't expect me to explain to you the true symbolism and purpose of the statue – there are so many researchers, so many opinions. One thing is clear – the statue has been redone many times, repaired many times. According to popular belief, the face was transformed into the image of the Pharaoh Khafra (IV dynasty). There is an opinion that initially it is Horakhte (or Khor em Akhet) – that is, the Choir of both horizons.

    If you are very interested, I can recommend one book, but it is in English: http://a.co/4S8XnKT

  2. Having built the pyramids, the Egyptians did not calculate the amount of building material, it was necessary to attach the remains of limestone, so that the Egyptian Accounting Chamber did not punish the designers and contractors, they decided to build an art object. Since lions were popular pets in Egypt, the congress of the United Egypt party unanimously decided by a majority vote to erect a monument resembling a lion. The orientation of the Sphinx to the sun and the Nile River was chosen so that in the future the selfie that tourists will take will not shine and glare will fall favorably on the surface of the monument. The shift away from the pyramids themselves is made so that it is convenient to ride tourists on camels around the pyramids without interfering with hiking routes. The height of the Sphinx is chosen optimally so that the monument's shadow protects the market of papyri and other crap from the sun, which is located at the foot on the north side. All these unprecedented decisions made by builders and designers are immensely relevant today 😉

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