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  1. To begin with, it is worth noting several important circumstances. First, Diogenes was not just a violator of public order, he was an adherent of a certain philosophical school, which, among other features, showed a tendency to external outrage. Secondly, the life of Diogenes, as presented in Diogenes of Laertes, is the most complete source of anecdotes about those very” curious antics ” of Diogenes; this life was written somewhere in the third century AD and is the result of the author's work with an extensive narrative tradition. Among the authors to whom Diogenes of Laertes refers, there is, for example, a contemporary of our Diogenes, the peripatetic Theophrastus, but for the most part these are quotations from collections of some sayings and anecdotes, as well as jokes without any references. Among them, for example, there is this: Diogenes was pushed by someone with a log and then shouted: “Watch out”. In response, Diogenes pushed the man with the log with a stick and also shouted “Watch out”. A funny anecdote reveals parallels: it was said about the Roman Mark Cato that when someone pushed him with a chest, and then shouted “Watch out”, he asked: “Do you have anything else?”, making fun of the same sluggishness. Elsewhere, the biographer points out that parallel anecdotes are attributed by other authors to Aristippus, and some anecdotes contain different details: for example, somewhere cheap cheese appears, and somewhere-a penny fish.

    In addition, people did not always tolerate his antics. Plato quarreled with him and called him a “dog”; Diogenes was on bad terms with Demosthenes; his reasoning was sometimes ignored (in connection with which he took various actions to attract attention: for example, he screamed like a bird). The boys, who often teased Diogenes, once broke his barrel (although they were punished by their parents, and the barrel was given to him as a new one). When he went to a drinking party and was obviously defiant, they beat him up; although sometimes they treated him with sympathy , such as when he was soaking in the rain. Once Perdiccas even wanted to execute him (although this seems to be an anachronism). In short, not everything went so smoothly for Diogenes.

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