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  1. The obvious answer is because it's not nonsense.

    The less obvious answer is because there is no” philosophy of postmodernism”. There is a postmodern situation.

    Medieval man lived with the consciousness that in nature there is an objective hierarchy, at the top of which is God, a little lower – the angels, then, after a few steps – the absolute monarch, and after a few steps – himself, the sinner. And it is this hierarchy that fills the universe with order and meaning, and also conveniently explains why you need to come to terms with the fact that your daughter was burned at the stake yesterday.

    The Soviet people lived with the consciousness that there is a historical necessity that makes capitalism doomed, and therefore we must all build a communist society as one. (And those who do not agree-will sit in the camp).

    All of these are metanarratives. A metanarrative is a story about everything in general, which justifies the meaning of it all and proclaims some goal for which everything exists.

    A postmodern situation is a situation in which a person stands up and says: why, exactly? Why so, and not otherwise? Are you absolutely sure that everything is actually exactly as you say? That's exactly the point of everything? Are you sure you know the Truth? I don't want to die for your Truth, I don't believe you.

    And in this situation of distrust of metanarratives, there is not a “philosophy of postmodernism”, but simply philosophy, or rather-philosophy. Challenging and interesting. And they need to be learned to understand, there is no common key to them.

    And at any moment, a person can come and say that this is all nonsense. Why? Well, this is the hierarchy, this is the meaning of everything in general, and this is what you should live for.�

    Why? Because I said so, here are my rules.

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