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  1. Erich Fromm wrote that the Renaissance happened in Italy because of the good location. Italy is located between Europe and Asia, where the Silk Road used to run, bringing huge amounts of money to Italy. It is not for nothing that we hear about bankers ' families and oligarchs from Italy, the first bankers appeared there! Italy's wealth led it to the Renaissance.

  2. Warm and mild maritime climate, first universities (Bologna -1088), trade, growth of wealth, cultural influence of Ancient Greece and Rome, accumulation of books, compilation of libraries, individualization, emancipation of the human spirit, expansion of knowledge, softening of morals, penetrated among the prelates and other classes, absence of major conflicts, meetings, communication, formation of partnerships, exchange of ideas, letters, striving for self-expression, the first significant artists, writers, humanists Giotto, Cimabue, Duccio, Boccaccio, Dante, Petrarch, Salutati, Bracciolini, Bruni and let's go…So we arrived in the 15th century.

    For at least 4 centuries, the spiritual soil accumulated a useful layer.

  3. In general, the Renaissance did not happen only in Italy)

    Anyway, it happened in many European countries, Erasmus of Rotterdam did not live in Bologna, for example.

    Specifically, in the case of Italy, there were several factors: a relatively well-preserved ancient heritage and a large number of immigrants from Byzantium who moved to Italy after the fall of the Empire.

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