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  1. Because that's how people work. It is pleasant to be young, inexperienced and strong, but to be old, weak, but to have seen a lot (and often unpleasant) – unpleasant. Therefore, in the minds of every person there is an idea of the “good times” that were before. Educated, imaginative, and generalizing people invented the concept of the “golden age,” but each placed it at a different time. To understand the mechanics of the process, it is useful to watch the film “Midnight in Paris”, where a modern American, arriving in Paris, dreams of Montmartre in the 1920s, and once there, meets a girl who dreams of the Palais Royal in the 1880s.

    In the same way, the ancient Greeks considered the Minoan civilization to be the golden age, the Italians of the XV century – Ancient Rome, the French under Louis XIV-Italy in the Renaissance, in the modern Wachter-the Brezhnev 1970s.

  2. In order for “everyone” to believe in the “Golden Age”, it is necessary that there be a majority of those who believe, or a powerful company to promote the”Golden Age”.

    For example, the collapse of the USSR, some will consider this event as golden, and the other part as dark. But, most contemporaries will regard the times of the 90s as dark, then this period will be more characterized as dark, although the Yeltsin center probably does not think so)))

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