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  1. I thought about it once, I came up with this:

    Once upon a time, quite a long time ago, a woman asked her man: “Why do you love me?”

    At first, he wanted to say that she was beautiful. But I realized that this is not enough: there are thousands of beautiful women around. Then he wanted to tell her that it was because she loved him, but that wasn't enough – this woman wasn't the only one who loved this man. Then he tried to talk about intelligence and a sense of humor, and about delicious borscht – but the borscht in the restaurant was even better, and smart ironic interlocutors at that time could bridge the roads. And even his thoughts about how good he was with her turned out to be incomplete – after all, you can always find a stronger high in life. Even more so, the words that it is bad without it did not help.

    And there's only one thing left.

    He replied: “Because you are you!”

  2. It is impossible to love one thing in it. He is all-the perfect combination of global-kindness, masculinity, sincerity-and smaller-a second look in the eye and immediately understand everything (and go to brew green tea;)).

    But answering the question, I will say that this is a feeling of peace, security, infinite trust and complete faith in this person and in this person. For 9 years, neither life in different countries, nor problems-nothing could make you doubt him for a second.

  3. I don't like partners,I love my husband. My lover is very smart, very funny, creative, he can do what I can't, he knows what I don't know. He loves me, I think. He tolerates me in anger, in PMS, in sadness. I'm impressed))).

  4. I fell in love with my husband, with whom we have been together for about 4 years, because he was not like everyone else,he was the most sincere person I have ever known,there was no falsehood in him. But he was always,and still is, the most interesting mystery in the world. They say that over time, people in relationships begin to see more and more bad things in their partner,but in my man every day I discover more and more new best sides! And from the very first day of our communication, my husband emphasized my uniqueness,and always convinced and convinces me that I am the best!

  5. For giving me the whole world. For teaching me not to be afraid, not to be shy, not to give up and be myself, to appreciate the main thing, to avoid half measures, to always strive for the maximum.

    For the fact that I could run out on his call late at night to the entrance, just to hug him at the end of the day in home shorts, and ten minutes later be in a restaurant where he told all the guests in the whole hall that he came with the woman he loved to share this evening, and wished everyone the same happiness that

    For the fact that even when he was in some important negotiations, he always started the day with the message that I was his whole life.

    For the fact that every day he said and apologized jokingly that he loves my child more than me :))

    It's gone. But he's always in my heart.

  6. My wife is the person who helped make my “home” where I live.

    Not a building, but a place you want to go back to.

    And the most important thing is a person who understands me. Do you know what it feels like when you can share a joke with someone and they will definitely understand it? Priceless.

    Here you see some crap, tell all your friends, and they answer: “No, it's normal.” And the wife immediately exclaims without explanation: “What the hell is this?”. 100% understanding and unity of views.

    Being on the same wavelength with a person gives you a great sense of togetherness. She gave me a lifetime warranty that says,”You won't be lonely.”

    UPD: She also likes my responses to theQuestion.

  7. My boyfriend, at the very beginning of our relationship, agreed to take a stray puppy with a tumor to his home, despite the fact that he has an asthmatic allergy to dogs since childhood. He suffered, dragged a large mongrel in his arms to walk on pleasant lawns and hid everything from his parents,who in childhood put so much effort to cure him of allergies. We then put the puppy in a wonderful family, and we have been together for six years. And I keep coming across his kindness and generosity 🙂

  8. It sounds childishly naive, but it worked like a magnet for my husband and me. We were just sitting in the same company – both of us were funny, sarcastic, beautiful in everything and gushing with ideas, but we felt in each other a deep, carefully hidden need for a person, a deep loneliness, a kind of ringing restlessness… And it was followed by the same deep openness to each other, a huge craving for family and peace, which only dreamed of.

  9. My relationship is almost 10 years old, we are happy and recently married. At first, I liked my husband outwardly, I paid attention to him as soon as I saw him, without even knowing him yet. Then we met, it was interesting and pleasant to communicate, and started dating. We had (and still have) a lot in common. Our relationship wasn't always perfect, and we've been through a lot. Now I understand that my husband is the closest and dearest person I can trust, who will always stand on my side. He's smart, creative, and very attentive to me. That's how I fell in love and continue to love my partner. It is difficult to single out any one quality, there is a whole set of qualities, as a result of which we just feel good with each other.

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