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  1. And why do many people who love pork, do not like the USSR, because in the USSR there were many pig farms?

    Atheism is not the main feature of the USSR (and rather controversial atheism, hehe), and atheism is usually not the main feature of atheists. Well, many atheists dislike militant atheism.

  2. Quite a strange question. It seems that the only distinguishing feature of the Soviet state was an atheist ideology.

    As a person of fairly atheistic views, I say that the policy of the USSR to eradicate religiosity has put quite a big pig under our current state.

    The tighter you pull the bowstring, the farther the arrow will fly.

    I won't even mention crimes against humanity, common sense, or anything else.

  3. Cool question! A lie without any disguise.

    It is not atheists who dislike the SSSSR, but those who exchanged their party card for a cross in the early 90s and are now diligently baptizing their former CPSU on the forehead. Quite a few party merchants became priests in churches in general. For them, soaring people's brains is a common thing. A lot of careerists joined the CPSU, which swelled to 20 million.

    But if you dig around well, you can also dig up atheists who hate the USSR-the Soviet Department and its people – “scoops”.

    1. Anti-communist atheists. For them, Hitler and Nazi Germany are much better than Stalin and the USSR.

    It was they who put up a monument to Hitler's general (and in the past to the Cossack ataman)in Kuban Krasnov monument. And the prosecutor's office is silent, despite all the appeals of residents. After all, glorifying the figures of Nazi Germany is a crime. Yes, and D. Kiselyov himself-producer of the TV channel Russia 1 blessed. So it flaunts to the delight of former soldiers of the Cossack divisions of the Wehrmacht.

    Soon Vlasov will be delivered as well.

    1. Atheists are Russophobes. They are infuriated by the very fact that the Russian people were ruled by Russian patriots (Slavic patriots) like Brezhnev, and not, say, the Germans Romanovs. Both under Brezhnev and partly under Khrushchev, Russian Soviet culture and literature experienced a real Renaissance.

    It was these guys with a criminal flavor who abolished the Russian people in 1993. That is, they stripped him of his legal status, having erased him from the Yeltsin Constitution and confirmed their Russophobia in 2020.

    Yes, there are such atheists, but they have a very bad smell of betrayal of the motherland-the USSR. In the same way, they will betray Russia, or rather, they are already betraying it.

  4. It reminds them of the great failure of the atheist faith.

    There was a large state based on atheistic faith, dreamed of

    world domination of atheism, but everything collapsed. Atheism as an ideology. led the country to collapse and disintegration. Now they are trying to return to faith in God.

  5. Everything in our world has form and content. Any subject, any concept. Atheism is the essence, ideology of a society, and the content of that society. Socialism is a form of human cohabitation. Atheism is the essence of a selfish society, a society based on the exploitation of man by man. An atheistic society cannot exist in the format of socialism, and one does not correspond to the other. Capitalism, feudalism, slavery-there you are welcome, because in atheism everything is explained simply: someone is lucky, someone is not. I'm lucky , so I'll live my life to my heart's content. You're out of luck, and now you're working for me all your life. Socialism is alien to the atheistic worldview, because it does not provide a justification for why I should plow for everyone. One can object, because the main ideologists of socialism were atheists-Lenin, Stalin.

    What is the state of food spoilage? In a warm place! When the product is hot , it will not spoil. When the product is frozen , it will not spoil. Approximately the same analogy with the human soul. This is what Christ was talking about:

    15-16 I know your works; you are neither cold nor hot; oh that you were cold or hot! But because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth.”

    If a person “burns” with an idea , he is insured against mental decomposition, and in this case it does not matter at all what his worldview is. Lenin, Stalin and a huge number of people in the first half of the last century “burned” with the idea of making the world a better place. Therefore, they performed feats and sacrificed themselves for the benefit of other people. But as soon as adversity is overcome, as soon as a well-fed, peaceful life begins – then the fire in the soul goes out, then favorable conditions are created in the human soul for its decay, for the growth of mold on the soul. That's when selfishness gets the better of a person. And the atheistic worldview, in these conditions of life, before this disease, as well as before others, is powerless. For this reason, the atheist begins to be burdened by socialism and jealous of the corresponding social structure. Well, the leaders of the state were also protected from selfishness by a colossal responsibility for the fate of the country. It keeps the soul in “good shape” and does not allow you to cool down, calm down, relax, succumb to weaknesses. From that and personal things such people do not accumulate – they are not needed, there is no time or energy for them. Palaces are built for themselves only by those who are not familiar with this sense of responsibility.

    The socialist structure of society corresponds to the Christian ideology, in the interpretation of Orthodoxy. It is Orthodoxy that preaches love, fills socialism with meaning, fills it with the deepest content, the awareness of its lack of alternatives.

    For this reason, as they say, how many wolves do not feed…

    By the way, this problem in the human soul was also covered in the USSR. This spiritual degradation of atheistic thinking is reflected in the feature film “Life First”. A person who has passed the war, bravely endured all its hardships, looked death in the face, returned and got into a well – fed contentment-spiritually dies-becomes a philistine.

  6. “Why atheists do not like the USSR, because the Soviet state was atheistic…”

    Who says they don't like it? And what makes him think that?

    This is like saying that there is a God, and the proof of this is not necessary!

    The question is clearly asked to believers and is asked for provocative purposes.

    “…they said that there is no God, but there is a person, society and the material world…”

    That's right!

    For that society, the main thing was the person, the world around him and the society in which he lives.

    Now the main thing is the profit of some people at the expense of others-no matter how, and to bless such a ragged order, some”god” invented by these scammers was again called upon.

  7. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the concepts of faith, religion and church.

    Faith is a belief in something.

    Religion is an ideology.

    A church is an organization. In non-Christian denominations, this is called something else, but it is still an organization of believers of this denomination.

    Well, everything is clear with the organization. Any organization strives first of all to ensure its existence, for which it attracts funds from believers in various available ways.

    Now about the ideology. Regardless of whether the ideology is based on the idea of a certain creator of the universe, or is generally indifferent to this issue, it necessarily includes the following points::

    1) The presence of sacred texts and / or oral traditions that are not subject to criticism. Anyone who doubts and criticizes is a heretic and finally an enemy of the people.

    2) The presence of rites, rituals, prayers and other sacred rites (for example, party meetings and congresses) intended primarily to demonstrate loyalty to this ideology.

    3) The presence of sacred objects of worship, such as objects of living and inanimate nature, man-made objects, as well as people who live now or lived in the past.

    4) The existence of rules and regulations for believers, if not for all occasions, then for many.

    In general, any ideology, regardless of whether it recognizes the existence of a certain supreme creator of the world, completely rejects it, or is indifferent to this issue, is a ready-made thought product designed to fool the masses by weaning them from critical thinking.

    Well, about faith. There is room for faith where there is no exact knowledge. After all, we do not believe that twice two makes four. We know this, and we know it for sure, and we can always prove it. However, there are many things about which there is no exact knowledge, at least at the moment. This is where you have to take for granted what seems most plausible. Well, what each person sees as such is a separate question.

    Now you can answer this question.

    First, an atheist doesn't necessarily mean a communist.

    Secondly, communism (and its component so-called “scientific atheism”) is also an ideology, one might even say a religion. A peculiar one. Demanding to believe that there is no creator of the world.

    But since, as already mentioned, faith can only exist where there is no exact knowledge (and where there is, faith is simply not needed), it is impossible to prove which faith is correct – one or the other. The only way to prove the correctness of their faith in all ages is the extermination of non – believers. That's what the Bolsheviks did.

  8. The Soviet Union is, first of all, a state. If the state's policy is irrational, a decent person says: this is a bad, uncompetitive state!

    I will formulate a similar question to yours:”Hitler was interested in painting, so why don't most of the people who share his interest in painting share his desire to kill Jews?”

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