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  1. This is due to the fact that parents are trying to give their children as many positive emotions as possible, when choosing tea with or without sugar, the choice obviously falls on sugar, because it is tastier and more pleasant for children, in most cases, adults do not even think about creating a habit for the child.

  2. I don't know who's teaching who..children are often moody, and what they do not like is consumed with great effort by their parents, even when the child is relatively not moody. Another question is that at the same time, you still have to eat what you don't like, because there is simply no other. But, it's easier to pour tea without sugar. Since I was a child, I asked to be served without milk or sugar, and I still drink like this.

  3. It's a matter of habit. The child is taught to do what the parents themselves do. Some vegan parents introduce their children to veganism. Some “mothers on a diet” put their daughters on the same diets.
    Well, some people drink tea without sugar and children, if they do not ask, do not put.🙂

  4. The taste of tea is not that of a child, but that of an adult. The child does not understand the charm of bitterness, tartness, herbal shades, golden leaf, and any decadence there. As a child, this is perceived as a nasty medicine. And the sweet stuff is just the thing. Taste, on the other hand, is like a language (lol) that evolves from simple to complex.

  5. It is unlikely that anyone teaches anyone to do this on purpose, most likely children are simply given the same tea that they drink themselves (and many people drink it with sugar). Subsequently, someone picks up this habit (like many other eating habits come from the parent family), someone does not. In our family, for example, we also drank tea with sugar, but since childhood I could not stand sweet tea and now I always drink it without sugar.

  6. Who teaches you?
    Do you know that in many cultures it is not customary to drink tea at all? And from those where it is customary, sugar is also not used everywhere?

    Children can be taught to do anything: even rotten fish and meat, even eating caterpillars/beetles… to eat dogs and guinea pigs. It depends on the culture.

    If the question concerns Russia, then not even we do not drink tea with sugar everywhere. In some places, it is cooked with butter, salt and milk. Here is one of the options, here is another.

    What parents drink, they also give to children. I drink tea without sugar and not very hot; my son also drinks tea without sugar and not very hot.

  7. No one specifically teaches children to do anything. The child most often shoots the Georgian combo “chodali”. If they do not drink tea at home (for example, at my house), then the child (soon 8) does not drink any tea. If the public catering service (at school) gives only drinks with sugar or water, the child chooses what he likes best, and then drinks it (this is why I never bought tea in the school cafeteria as a child – it was sweet and tasteless).

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