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  1. You should be aware that” taking out the brain ” is usually not just for a reason.
    With the exception of those cases when a person just needs to let off steam or he doesn't know how to communicate in a different way (but I think this is obvious from the very beginning), then they take out the brain in order to convey something to you.

    Unfortunately, both halves of humanity have a strange way of communicating their desires.

    men are usually silent about them))))) seriously.�

    It is easier for us to keep silent than to imagine that we need to survive a round of �in the ring for some desire of our own.
    If it is not very important-it is better to keep silent
    if it is important-hell, by this time you would have already packed your things)))

    Girls have a different feeling.

    She won't tell you directly either, but she'll just get emotional around the bush until she gets through to you. or until you both warm up to the point where it can be said openly already, even if buried among useless words.
    A kind of drunken revelation, but without alcohol.

    here.. such cases.

    if it's so annoying , don't listen to the whole thing. look for a motive)

  2. Here, an identical question,excellent answers(as many as 23!).

    In general, your question is constructed in such a way that you most likely realize or imagine that you are exceptionally right.If you are at least five times right,the smartest and kindest, this is the wrong strategy,you need to understand your girl-for this it is enough to understand her desires and motives(and she needs to implement this in relation to you), and if possible find a compromise.Even with the kindest and most compliant partner, you will have conflicts and, ultimately, relationships will break down if you do not learn how to build a dialogue.

  3. Well, it is quite likely that if a girl “takes out your brain” and you don't like it, then run away from her like from fire and look for another one. If you find a normal one (exclusively by your standards), stay with it.
    You asked why? Fucked up because. Not all of them, but some of them are fucked up.

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