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  1. For starters, this is not an optimal state. If it bothers you, you need to do one very simple action that will improve your condition. 1. You are in the present tense. 2. Picture-deja vu is also in the present tense, it rose from the records of the soul, all the records of the soul consist of moments of “now”, they are recorded on the principle of a black box in an airplane. But the moment happened once before, so in the past, and even in a past life. The image of a record of the past is glued together with the present tense, because it sees a similarity with some object in the present. You won't be able to guess what triggered deja vu, if you just look at it, it can get worse and even more tragic. We need to separate deja vu and the present tense. how? I'll explain. You need to give yourself one command. It is better if it is given to you by a second person whom you trust. But the partner should not give any comments or ratings on your answers, and you will follow the command and tell what you saw. COMMAND: “Find the difference between that place and this place.” or ” Find the difference between what's happening there and what's happening here.” The first command is pronounced more often, the second less often, about 4 to 1. At first, you may get similarities. BUT do not forget about the goal, you need to find the difference. The pictures should come apart soon. Finish when you laugh and are very surprised to find an object or object that turns on deja vu.

  2. Personally, almost always, when I felt a sense of deja vu, at the same time I remembered dreams from many years ago. Or rather, about 10 years ago I had a dream, I remembered it for some reason, because I focused my attention on it after waking up (Such dreams were always in the first person). Many years later, I found myself in the same situation and instantly remembered the dream, even remembered what would happen in a second or two. Well, it was accompanied by a feeling of deja vu. My professor of philosophy and political science, by the way, also spoke about this. This can happen because the neurons of brain cells move faster than the speed of light, and if it's just quite childish, then they seem to get ahead of themselves, so in a dream we can see one of the options for our future life.

  3. There are probably few people who have not experienced this condition. The “Scientific Environment” tries to interpret this very vaguely, but alas, it is doubtful. I also often have deja vu, this is something irrational, which can only be explained by metaphysics and mysticism. Although, in the books of Dolores Cannon (the famous regressionist hypnologist), the explanations are quite clear.

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