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  1. Because you haven't learned how to control it yet. But it is quite possible for you to do this.

    The first thing you need to understand is that as long as you believe (perhaps sincerely) that this process is uncontrolled, you will not be able to stop it and take control of it. This is such a trap – if I admit that this is uncontrolled, then I forbid myself (my body) to influence it (because it makes no sense to try to take control of what is basically uncontrolled).

    That is, the first thing to do is to realize that the process is completely controlled and that I thought it was uncontrolled was a mistake.

    The fact that I can't control it yet is another matter. Once I couldn't even walk, but now I walk without thinking (it has become automatic).

    Second, you need to start learning how to control it. There are quite a few options here. From just an effort of will, to various techniques and practices. Although perhaps even the first one will be enough for the process to already weaken or stop.

  2. In any playlist of modern chilavec, there are many tracks that producers have worked very well on-people who specifically control the process of creating music from and to in order to get maximum profit-the listener remembered the hook of the song -> shared it with friends, saying “satrite, what a high track” – > > muzychka.�

    Well, the more obvious thing is that musicians insert melodies into their compositions that are given a lot of attention – they develop (some do not), interact with counterpoints, bass and, in general, create a certain support in the song, not letting us get lost and get bored. If the whole melody is competent by itself and has a clear place in the arrangement, then it is not surprising that it will be remembered by the listener

  3. This is generally a big problem for me, especially after a three-hour rehearsal, which was mostly improvisation. Things can get so bad that after a while it turns into uncontrolled noise. As strange as it may sound, listening to some other music/watching a TV series/video/movie helps me. In any case, sitting in silence in this case, unless of course this noise in the head is not your goal, is contraindicated for you.

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