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  1. Don't worry about it at all. A dream is essentially a piece of our memory stuck together. It can be both today's events and very distant ones. I even once conducted an experiment and was able to fully analyze my dream and realized that it is 100% made up of my memories. And since memory is directly related to feelings, that's why nightmares are so emotional, because in fact you experience the same feelings that you experienced when using the memory section.

    If you often have disturbing dreams, then look in your memory for disturbing moments of life.

  2. During sleep, the blockages of consciousness are partially removed and information from your parallel realities, or from the future, is transmitted to you in a FIGURATIVE form. Also, someone can transmit it to you in this way both in a dream and in a waking state. There are many channels for receiving information. Disasters are always a bad sign. So you've chosen the wrong path in your life.

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