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  1. I'll add a little education to the answers. Yes, it's a misconception that GMOs are POISON and WE're ALL GOING TO DIE, but unfortunately, they have a big impact on the country and the world at large, so check out this great documentary video from TrashSmash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKRS2P-HMrs and start changing the world with yourself)

  2. Because “No GMO” is an advertising campaign aimed at people who are ignorantly afraid of GMOs. And since there are a decent number of them, it is simply unprofitable to glue the inscriptions “With GMOs”… If they can still miss the lack of “Non-GMO” products, forget them, or ignore them, then a special warning about the presence of GMOs will force many people to put the product back on the shelf.

    If one day an ad for GMOs unfolds and conveys its point of view to many, then it is clear that stickers “With GMOs” will appear.

  3. In continuation of the previous answer, GMO is not the presence of something terrible, dangerous and with sharp teeth in the product. This is the method by which this type of product is obtained. What was used to obtain this or that variety. Methods of artificial selection, Michurin's selection – can also be considered a kind of “GMO”.

  4. It is absolutely not necessary for the manufacturer to write about the GMO content in the product. Such inscriptions are written for people who, after watching enough TV, believe that GMOs are poison, mutations and God knows what other harmful things.

    Normal people don't pay much attention to this.

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