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  1. Many factors can affect: whether you ate well, classes at the end of the day and you are very tired, the room is not ventilated, a lot of dust, etc.
    In this case, take a meal, carry coffee in a thermos, do not be afraid to ask the teacher to open the window.

    It may be influenced by a psychological factor. I am neither a psychologist nor a psychotherapist, just the level of a domestic bookworm who has read a couple of books by psychologists who, apparently, do not know what to do for a living other than writing. But I knew people who hated certain subjects to the point of horror, and when the bell rang and it became clear that we were 10 minutes away from an ill-fated lesson with a shrew teacher, these people felt bad. It wasn't a show-off, you'd get a runny nose, nausea, headaches, fever, whatever. Everyone has it different.
    Changing the teacher / school solves the problem.

    But I hope that everything is much simpler. Get well 🙂

  2. It's okay, I had a headache, but I liked it, it was nice, like muscles hurt after classes, so they grow, so my head hurts after math, so it gets smarter.

  3. Contact a neurologist, you won't find the reason so easily, it's worth sweating a little, you may have to do an MRI, take some medications.

    I wish you good luck.Everything will be fine

  4. Personally, I got rid of this very simply-I finished nine classes and just “dumped” far away, to college, to a specialty where mathematics and physics are not needed at all. And you know what?.. I felt better.

  5. I can't speak for everyone else, but I personally had a headache in these classes because I didn't understand anything.�

    But since it was necessary to understand, I strained my brain for this with all my might. As a result, the head both during the lesson and after it hurt incredibly.�

    Plus, it all depends on the teacher. If he creates such an atmosphere in his lesson in which both students who understand the subject and those who, like me, are complete humanitarians are comfortable, then the students will feel great. Unfortunately, my teachers in these subjects were very peculiar…One has only to remember how the math teacher threw chalk at those who could not solve an example or problem.�

    I personally got rid of the pain when I realized that math and physics are not worth what I would feel bad)

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