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  1. Sacrifice is the essence of ABSOLUTELY any religion.
    This is the act of sacralization that religion does. In Christianity, there is a sacralization of people (!).
    The symbol of Christianity is a symbol of sacrifice. But not an animal, but God (!). God sacrificed Himself to people. In the sacrament of the Eucharist, Christ is mysteriously crucified in the Divine Liturgy. God brings a sacred sacrifice to people for the sacralization of people. When people partake of Christ's sacraments, they sacrifice themselves to God. Because they become not independent deities, but parts of the Body of Christ.
    If we remember Abraham, then the main icon of the Russian Orthodox Church “Trinity” Rublev is about the sacrifice of the Christian God and about Abraham. The plot is “the hospitality of Abraham”. Angels came to tell Abraham that he was going to have his first child (and he and his wife were both 80 years old). So while Abraham and his wife go out to prepare something for the glad tidings, they discuss the sacrifice, not the one that Abraham is going to make, but the one that Christ is going to make. The composition is rounded. And the table is square. The 4th side is empty – this is for you, the viewer. You are also a participant in this sacred sacrifice.

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    In short, because Christians believe that Jesus Christ made the sacrifice for us once and for all. By his death on the cross.�

    Now Christians are making the bloodless sacrifice that Jesus described in the gospel:

    And he took bread, and gave thanks, and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, This is my body, which is given up for you: do this in remembrance of me.

    Also the cup after supper, saying: This cup is the New Testament in My blood, which is shed for you.


  3. Abraham in Christianity is considered not a prophet, but the forefather (patriarch) and father of all believers. Christians do not offer sacrifices, because they believe that the main sacrifice was made by Jesus Christ on the cross.

  4. Christians have nothing to do with Abraham,

    Abraham believed in G-d, who in the Torah said about himself that He is one and only.

    there is no other , neither two nor three, like the Christians, and no creature of G-d can contain it,

    Christianity is a religion of idolaters , officially since the 4th century, since the 1st Ecumenical Council, at which the Greek pagans approved Jesus as “god”, this allowed them to make even more idiotic decisions and dogmas on behalf of “god”.,

    12 dogmas of the Orthodox Church, for example, just a monument to idolatry.

    The fact that Christians invented holidays in the name of various Jewish Prophets and righteous people speaks only about the falsity of Christianity, because none of the Prophets of Israel ever believed in what Christians believe and worship, because this is called idolatry

  5. Christians of various churches, “there are still today” rites of sacrifice. They usually kill either sheep or cows .

    In the Gregorian Armenian Church, it is called � – matah. In the Orthodox Georgian Church, the sacrifice is usually a rite on Георг Georgoba. At the Udin Alvan church � – sacrifice is also matah. In Cuba and a number of Latin American countries, there is a cult of sacrifice in Santeria (Catholic branch).

    The origins of the rite of sacrifice go back to ancient times. The Bible mentions Cain and Abel making sacrifices to God. In the Old Testament, countless sacrifices were made by Jewish priests on the days of the temple holidays. The New Testament Church abolished all blood sacrifices that were previously allowed as expiatory, since the Savior's blood became a symbol of humanity's liberation from original sin.
    Instead of blood sacrifices, the New Testament Church established Sunday liturgies, which are essentially bloodless sacrifices, where the sacrificial bread and wine symbolize the flesh and blood of Christ. But some peoples have preserved pagan traditions and perform the rite of sacrifice.

  6. Sacrifices are a religious ritual that was necessary every year in order for the blood of Goats and calves to wash away the sins of people.
    The vicarious sacrifice of Jesus Christ abolished not only the sin that entered the world through Adam and Eve , but also the need to sacrifice animals every year.
    It is written: Heb 9: 11-14: “But Christ, the High Priest of the good things to come, having come with a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is, not of such a dispensation, and not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His own Blood, entered once into the holy place and obtained eternal redemption. For if the blood of bullocks and goats, and the ashes of the heifer, through sprinkling, sanctifies those who are defiled, so that the body may be clean, how much more will the Blood of Christ, who by the Holy Spirit offered Himself blameless to God, cleanse our conscience from dead works, to serve the living and true God!”
    Christians who receive salvation through the vicarious sacrifice of Jesus Christ are justified before God , cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and righteous by the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
    This is the good news, or gospel, that the prophets have been prophesying about since Adam and Eve sinned.
    Muslims only say that they accept Jesus . In fact, they distorted the role of Jesus Christ in their religion, elevating their so-called prophet, who prophesied only one thing: that Islam is a new (well-forgotten old, since the Koran is actually a reworked story from the Old Testament) religion, of which he is the messenger. And since nothing new came with Muhammad and Islam, the sacrifices remained. This means only one thing – Muslims refused salvation( from the Gift of God), chose sin and slavery for themselves, because they call themselves slaves, and not children of God. The truth that Jesus is the Son of God is almost a curse word for them, and Kurban-in the Koran describes the story from the Bible, when Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son. But in the Qur'an , it is not Abraham who did this, but Ibrahim, and not Isaac as a sacrifice, but Ishmael. And in the Bible, Ishmael is the son of Abraham, born of a maidservant.
    This is the last Islamic religion with all the ensuing traditions.

  7. Traditions of sacrifice come from the time of shamanism and priesthood. The Muslim religion is not yet perfect, has not reached the level of perfection and development that would accept the doctrine- “Thou shalt not kill”.

    “Thou shalt not kill “means” thou shalt not kill at all.” No human,no animal, no bird or bug.

    The Christian religion, although it has adopted the doctrine of “Thou shalt not kill”, does not follow it at all. This doctrine turned out to be declarative.

  8. On this we can say that the Chrestians, in most cases, choose what is profitable for them
    The sons of Adam sacrificed, Abel, Noah, Abraham (Ibrohim), Moses peace be upon them all
    In the 4th century, the party assembly elected by a majority vote of Jesus (Isa) peace be upon him as God, the son of God
    Do not slander Isa peace be upon him,
    The Creator knows better than us, HE tests people with this, and all sorts of Satanists, sadamites and other evil spirits came up with demacracy, tolerance and all sorts of nonsense

  9. The fact is that Christians introduce innovations (changes) that reflect certain needs of the Christian community. In the case of Muslims, any modification of the Qur'an itself is strictly forbidden.

  10. The Council of the Apostles in Jerusalem in 49
    A.D. (16 years after the departure of Jesus) extended the laws of Noah to the Gentiles and kept in force the requirement of the Mosaic Law to release the blood of an animal when slaughtering (Acts 1: 16). 15: 29),
    which modern Christians, despite the direct establishment of the “New Testament”, do not follow.

  11. Everyone chooses their own holidays . Not all Christians recognize that Egova= God the Father=Allah, but it is impossible to prove the fallacy of this dogma – only to criticize.

  12. To be honest I didn't have enough time for this science there were still more important things of a material nature I had to catch up with people who lived not badly this is 1945-2020 But I was able to reach built a house and my corpse will be taken to the grave at least calmly

  13. Because. that there is no word in the Qur'an: Lamb of God (“immaculate lamb”). There to Ibrahim (Abraham) The Lord replaced the human sacrifice with a sheep.At Easter, Christians drink wine and eat bread, representing the blood and body of Christ. Muslims , on the other hand, sacrifice an animal during Eid al-Fitr, as Abraham was commanded to do.

    If you read the Bible . it is written that the worlds were once transparent, that is, angels easily visited this world. But then they started marrying human daughters, just like the Tower of Babel . The angels rose up . the rebels wanted to reunite the worlds, which would cause universal chaos. What came of it is known.An impenetrable barrier was erected between the worlds.

    People still remembered the visitation of angels and perhaps they themselves could go to the other world and return, as a result of which a human sacrifice arose. Most of the victims voluntarily went to another world and they were parted before leaving, sent greetings and wishes. But then the Almighty stopped such “exploits” and replaced them with other customs.

  14. In Russian, there is an expression “scapegoat”. We very often use it in our speech, not knowing that this is the Old Testament Jewish tradition, when all human sins were laid on an animal and it was released into the desert to certain death.

    In Mohammedanism, instead of sacrificing someone's son to God, they offered a ram.

    In Christianity, God sent her Son to be crucified as an atonement for human sins.

    So think about where the Truth is and where the lie is!

  15. Muslims have a prophet – Issa. An ordinary prophet. Mahomet is cooler.

    And for Christians, this same prophet is not a prophet at all, but the son of God, Jesus. Christ who.

    And so he gave the Christians the “new testament”, in which he replaced the blood sacrifice with bread and wine.

    To whom you are present and receive communion in the church. The sacrament is the sacrifice. But not bloody.

    Muslims do not consider Jesus the son of God.

    And his precepts are placed below those of Mahomet.

    And he did not cancel the Jewish blood sacrifice.

  16. If you connect Muslims and Christians through Abraham, I must point out that Muslims have Abram as their father, while Jews and Christians have Abraham as their father. One letter in the name, but how different the path is.�

    19 And God said, It is Sarah thy wife that shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him.
    20 And I have heard thee concerning Ishmael: Behold, I will bless him, and make him fruitful, and multiply him exceedingly, exceedingly; twelve princes shall be born of him; and I will make of him a great nation.
    21 But I will make my covenant with Isaac, whom Sarah will bear you at this time next year.
    (Genesis 17: 19-21)

  17. because sacrifice has its roots in primitiveness. when a person had concepts of the general picture of being at the level of a three or four year old child

  18. Christ, the High Priest of the good things to come, having come with a larger and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is, not of this dispensation,

    and not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His Own Blood, he entered once into the holy place and obtained eternal redemption.( Hebrews 9: 12)
    This means that the Lord Jesus Christ redeemed the human race from the curse of sin by His Blood. It was not Muhammad who shed his blood and suffered for humanity, but Jesus Christ, the Savior. It was not Muhammad who took upon himself the sin of the world, but Christ, and salvation only through Christ. And since Jesus Christ took away the sin of the world and entered the sanctuary with His Own Blood, there is no need for the blood sacrifices of the Old Testament, for the sacrifice of atonement has been made.

  19. Why don't Christians have a sacrifice? It is celebrated daily at the liturgy. In addition, there is another Christian sacrifice-a sacrifice to God the spirit is broken. Too unequal sacrifices in Islam and Christianity. The Son of God sacrificed himself for us, but even Aran did not willingly sacrifice himself for the Muslims. So it turns out that the price of a Christian's life is the life of God, and the price of a Muslim's life is a ram…

  20. These are pagan versions of faith: after all, religious beliefs depend to a very large extent on the level of intellectual development of specific people. There are groups of primitive people who “bring to the gods” blood sacrifices in the form of slaughtered animals or even people. We send the victim's soul to be eaten by the gods or God, and we will eat the meat ourselves … Although both God and any sane person understand the absurdity and even criminality of such actions …
    The gods do not grant the right to kill animals.
    … Even through Moses, God gave the commandment “thou shalt not kill!”. It was repeated by Jesus (Lk 18: 20). But human selfishness, the desire to discard all principles that prevent the satisfaction of whims, the lack of the ability to sympathize, empathize with other people's pain — make us look for excuses for violating this commandment of God, invent restrictions on its use in self-indulgence, pretend that we simply did not notice it.
    Well, so that we don't have any doubts about this, let's listen to Jesus Christ again:
    “Don't just don't make human sacrifices…. but in general, do not kill any animal that has been given life… ” / Life of Saint Issa, 7: 14/.
    True compassion comes from the realization that all of us, even vegetable creatures, are only children of God of different ages, brothers and sisters of His one family.
    In order to realize the principle of changing yourself, you need to be able to feel into other people's experiences, in particular, in someone else's pain.
    For example, let's try to feel like a cow brought to a slaughterhouse and waiting for its turn there for several days?… They understand everything. They even refuse to eat…
    And for every such pain inflicted on another (even when animals are killed for us), we will have to respond with our own pain. This is how God educates us.
    We have the right to kill animals (including fish) only in self-defense or to protect others.
    Gluttonous “Christians”later began to use the method of outsmarting God. And the objections to this are those of Jesus Christ… — they simply didn't include it in the New Testament.
    Is it really possible that inflicting suffering on other beings for the sake of satisfying one's sensual passions can be compatible with the title of a good person?
    A person who has realized true love will no longer be able to cause unnecessary pain to an animal. He will not be able to feed on the corpses of slaughtered animals, because their dead bodies contain the pain of their death.
    Neither Jesus nor His disciples ate the bodies of animals other than fish, as is evident from the words of the Apostle Peter.
    But they killed fish and ate them. And this is understandable: Jesus did not offer people the unbearable burden of too sharp “revolutions” in life stereotypes. After all, He could not say to the fishermen: do not eat fish! Fishermen wouldn't listen to such a preacher any longer!
    But our opportunity is to embrace the principle of Love-Compassion
    True Christians are those who follow the Teachings of God transmitted to us through Jesus Christ and other Messiahs, Avatars, and Christs.

    I would also like to point out that people who feed on the bodies of slaughtered animals to satisfy their gluttony should be prepared not to be offended by their own pain later. Yes, this is how God teaches us to Love.

    Man, by his biological nature — is not a predator. But many people, either out of their own volition or out of imitation of others, make themselves predators. And this is twice stated in the Old Testament: eat plant food, do not eat the bodies of those creatures in which you see blood!

    How to deal with vices? The recommendations may vary from situation to situation. So, sometimes it is enough just to find out that such and such actions of mine are vicious – and the habit of them immediately disappears. For example, some people immediately stop smoking, drinking alcohol and eating the bodies of slaughtered animals – as soon as they learn that there is a God, there is a meaning to life, that eating animal corpses is not a necessity for us, but a cruel whim of our gluttony.

    It is not prayers and bows that God expects from us: He does not need them at all! But He needs us to get better!
    And the first thing an adept should do here is to accept the concept of LOVE.
    Take food, for example. If we are polluted by the gross energies of corpses, it will not allow us to refine the soul.

    Embracing the concept of COMPASSION is one of the first steps to mastering LOVE.
    Compassion is not “heavy” emotions at all, but a general pure and bright attitude of caring for all possible forms of life, rejection of any acts of unnecessary harm to anyone, readiness to help everyone in all good things.

    Compassion for other beings is one of the most important principles of the love that God wants to teach us!

    Let us understand, my friends, that no matter how much the “pastors” of various religious sects teach us the opposite, we will not be able to make any fundamental changes in our spiritual development without fully accepting the principle of Compassion and finally switching to a “no-kill” diet (that is, excluding the bodies of animals: mammals, birds, fish, etc.) – for ethical, and not egoistic (that is, for the sake of, for example, our own health) reasons!

  21. Matah (Armenian: Мат) is a traditional charitable donation in the Armenian Apostolic Church.

    Literally, matah means “to lift up salt” — matutzanel (to lift up) and ah (salt). The main meaning of mataha is a gift to God, through the creation of alms to the poor, donations. It is performed either in the form of a charity meal, or by distributing the meat of a donated animal. Matah is not an institution of the Church, but a form of popular piety.

  22. The Christians have nothing left of Abraham.In the story of Abraham, when God forbade the sacrifice of his son and replaced him with a ram,God points to the prohibition of human sacrifice forever and ever,and tells Abraham that He never required it of humans.God knew that Christians would appear,and this story is a direct message to them, God did not give birth and was not born, and He did not take sons,and even more so did not sacrifice them for the sins of stupid people.Christians do not understand the Truth,they break all their Covenants with God, and they do not understand their own book, which they themselves wrote.Amazing people!

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