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  1. Pupil dilation is not only caused by the use of psychoactive substances, but can also be caused by:

    1. Disorders of the central and peripheral system.

    2. Eye injuries

    3. Various eye drops and other medications

    4. Reaction to irritation (pain)

    5. Eye diseases

    6. Just changes in pupil tone

  2. The pupil diameter in a conditionally healthy person is affected by the level of illumination at the location. Then we can not know, without examining, whether he took something, some substances, features of the individual's health, can lead to dilation of the pupil

  3. You may not be looking at a person's pupils when they are in a dimly lit area. If you exclude health problems and drugs, then there are two options:
    1) Psychotropic drugs (Antidepressants, antipsychotics. I personally had such a side effect when I was on the course of AD)
    2) Eye drops that dilate the pupil (mydriatics)

  4. My pupils are almost always dilated, while my eyes respond to light normally, and my vision has only recently worsened. The physiology is like this. People who have known me for a long time already somehow do not pay attention, and every second new acquaintance will definitely ask: “are you under something?” Many people think that my eyes are dark brown, but in fact-gray-green. Judging by the photos on the Internet, my pupils are really like a person who is under something – the lens is almost invisible. So dilated pupils are not always from something or for some reason

  5. Pupil dilation is also associated with the level of trust in the environment and the presence of stress.�

    It is possible to trace the connection with certain types of bacteria in the intestine, dilation of the pupil in a natural way(for example, receptors in precapillary sphincters). реаг responds to the level of endorphins. �

    Nicotine affects neurotransmitter mechanisms, which can also lead to pupil dilation.�

    There is also a short-term effect of epinephrine and oxytocin.

    But cortisol works for long distances..

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