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  1. The nail-biting habit is a suppressed aggression that manifests itself during anxiety. The well-known phrase “fists itch for a fight” is one of the ways it manifests itself. Especially applies to those who eat the skin of their fingers, always biting off burrs.

  2. My nerves are playing tricks… Stress…basically, everything happens at an earlier age, and then it is difficult to wean. But now there are quite a lot of all sorts of “pepper” lacquers that will help to wean

  3. This most often occurs in moments of intense anxiety. I know one person who, as a child, was very restless when his parents cut his nails. They shouted at him and told him not to move or it would hurt. And he was already in pain, and he reflexively pulled his hand away when it was cut too roughly. And for this, they shouted at him, and accused him of being to blame for the fact that he was in pain. As a result, this man began to perceive nail clipping as torture. And I began to look for other children's ways to cope with too long nails… nibble, pick.

    Sometimes it is better to chew off than to endure parental “care”.

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