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  1. I just don't like these smells at all, especially gasoline, but I really love the smell of household chemicals departments. Not just the smell of powders and detergents (although the smell of powder is also sometimes very strong), but a sort of mixture of smells.�

    In the department of a hypermarket with washing powders and detergents, it's a paradise for me. Walk and enjoy.

    And now I also use tide in capsules and my bed linen smells so good after washing… Although people scold him for “persistent poorly washed-off smell of powder.”

  2. The reason is often a lack of iron in the body. This leads to tissue iron deficiency, when the synthesis of many enzymes is disrupted. And this, in turn, leads to sideropenic syndrome, one of the many manifestations of which is a perversion of the sense of smell and taste.

  3. I read somewhere that these smells affect the same centers of the brain as the smells of healthy snacks, as a result, they seem so delicious and alluring) But why this happens, alas, was not explained there. But it would be interesting to listen – since childhood, I've been crazy about the smell of corrector, tape, asphalt, earth, paint, nail polish and other things…

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