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  1. Humans, in fact, are mortal and their life span, unlike the universe, is quite foreseeable. So you don't need to involve a universe that will die sometime later, just ask why people live despite the inevitable death.

    Some people live because your question is meaningless to them. Death sometime later does not make life meaningless now. Others do not think about their own death, and have found some ways to avoid such thoughts.

    And then-as if eternal life solves the problem. On the contrary, it aggravates many times. Why live-that is, do something now, if you have an eternity left?

  2. Life is movement. Movement is possible only when striving for something. For example, knowledge, not necessarily creation, but also destruction. Man is a microuniverse, a small semblance of a large Macrouniverse. The universe is a perpetuum mobile (perpetual motion machine). According to its laws, nothing can exist autonomously within it, hence its duality.

    If we consider the universe as program codes, then the individual is a subroutine code. The task of this code is to perform a particular function. With the subroutine gone, more advanced code takes its place. And so it will be until the subroutine code is improved to half the size of the original one. Then a “cell division” will occur, and the perfect code will continue to exist independently, with its own internal reserves.

    This is quite normal, and natural for the universe. The great is known in the small.

    Good luck!

  3. No wonder they say “Take care of your life” or “Life is more expensive than gold”.
    Life is needed to leave some trace of yourself. There are relatives, friends, and relatives who care about you. Even if they scold you, maybe beat you in other cases, they still love you. Well, if they are not alive, in particular their loved ones, they have remained a big memorable spot on your heart.

    Yes, and we will eventually pass away. But all the same, you will be remembered by all those who were with you during your entire existence.
    It is important to have good friends, a loved one or a favorite activity, so as not to lose the meaning of life. And if you're lost, move on. Sooner or later, everything will fall into place and you will find meaning again.

    Don't get upset about strange mistakes or sins you've made in the past. This is the past – and the past cannot be changed. Just “Let go and forget”, this phrase is one of the popular Disney songs. Yes, and I would listen, because it makes sense. Let go of the past and live in the new.
    As for the universe, don't take it too seriously. Yes, someday the universe will be gone. But there are other worlds, “parallel” universes. I think it's worth believing in a miracle.
    Life is not so bad, you just need to know the price of your existence and live with joy, because life is one.

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