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  1. Because even people with degrees are rare assholes.

    The presence of knowledge in any field gives some people an awareness of the exclusivity of their figure in relation to the “unenlightened”, but when there are some other applicants for the same thing, there are disputes about whose individual superiority is more excellent and more individual.

    In fact, they are simply closed off from the new experience in fear of not being able to contain something more that they did contain (and therefore hardly contained).

  2. Our memory and knowledge system are discrete. To operate all knowledge in one plane, you need to know mathematics, namely the section of combinatorics.

    If you look at it in general, then people quite use mathematical logic in a natural way, operating with different discrete clusters of knowledge. However, it is worth saying that they do it worse than a simple AI that can do it many times better and faster by analyzing with data visualization.

    There is already a “Talk to Books” that builds its answers based on the database of available books from different fields. Even if they may be abstract in nature. The program will produce semantic relationships and give an approximate result. Which will be no worse than a human.

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