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  1. Men have an absolute normal need to disconnect from thoughts at least once a day,this state can be achieved by meditation, so the brain relaxes and rests.

  2. Honestly, well, there are times when the brain begins to cooperate with the soul(although this is anti-scientific), but whether there is life on Mars, whether it is not known to science, so this is a hang-up attempt to realize yourself in this world a dispute between consciousness and soul

  3. Such a hang” is”either” overload “or”sleep mode”.

    Similar to a computer:

    — There are too many programs open, and the computer does not have time to process them all. So�and�have�people�— if you need to solve a lot of problems, or�they�very complex,�a person starts to “hang”.

    – Or vice versa — when there are no active and important tasks, you can not waste thought fuel and hang out. At this point, the brain is resting.

  4. I myself sometimes have this condition. I usually don't think about anything at this moment, I try to concentrate as much as possible, collect all my thoughts in a pile, and also remember what I wanted to do, but I forgot what exactly.

  5. I agree with the answer of one of the authors. If you need to solve a lot of questions at once, then I don't seem to think about anything, I hang up. In fact, I just feel a certain ordering of information and analysis going on in my head. And after some time, most often a small one, a solution comes, although I don't seem to have tried my best. At this time, you want to be left alone. That's why people usually say: wait, wait a minute, don't bother me! Indeed, as the computer reboots.

  6. Personally, I just stare and stop thinking about anything. It's like watching an old record and the player stops working and just hangs like that.

  7. Meditation. They return to the essence and peace of their true being. Everyone meditates, even if they don't talk about it, don't know it, or don't seem to know it.

  8. This is a trance state. At this point, the person falls into a trance, and the brain rests. A person plunges into this state every day when driving in transport along the usual route and looking out of the window in a detached way.

  9. And for some reason it gives me pleasure, some kind of relaxed state arises, and I have absolutely nothing to think about at this moment) Only here my ex-boyfriend did not think so and he thought that something was wrong in our relationship, and that I was dissatisfied with something when I do this, in fact, why is he now a former (: D

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