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  1. People tend to call delirium a situation in which they are asked to take into account the existence of something that does not manifest itself in any way – after all, unmanifestedness is the cause of irrefutability.

    And when something manifests itself, then it becomes provable and accounted for.

  2. Hello! I will reveal two points:

    1. Each person has a picture of the world [1] — an idea of who they are, who they communicate with, where they live, what principles the world works by, what is valuable in life, etc. When a person calls something nonsense, it usually means “this has no place in my worldview,” not “this can't exist at all.”

    2. When you tell a person new information, the first reaction may be denial. It is easier to reject an idea and conserve energy than to rearrange the picture of the world to fit a new fact into it. Information flows from everywhere, it is not always reliable and consistent with other ideas of a person, and it is impossible to change the idea of yourself and the world after each new fact and not go crazy. The psyche prefers to double-check the facts and assess their significance: if they do not pass subjective face control, the bouncer sends them out of the party.

    [1] In more detail about the concept of “world picture”: Leontiev, D. A., & Mospan, A. (2017). Worldview, worldview, and definition of the indefinite. World of Psychology, (2), 12-19.

  3. Oh, yes! This is a disaster!)poems))

    My physicist friend likes to say that there are no unexplained things-just that not all the laws of physics have been discovered yet. I also feel sorry for people who limit their horizons to limited knowledge, not trying to expand them.

  4. An intelligent and adequate person always doubts everything. This is what history teaches us. Unfortunately, not all of them. You can cite thousands of examples when unshakable concepts, accepted by all, suddenly turned out to be wrong. People perceived it differently: smart and adequate people calmly, because from the very beginning they doubted the correctness of concepts, while others endured this change of concepts very hard. Personally, I don't believe anything or anyone, not even my own senses. The image of the surrounding world is formed by the brain. And he can sometimes give out such that it remains only to spread your hands. I had a similar case, but I do not know how to explain this case in a different way, not by brain tricks.

  5. We need proof of its existence, not its absence. If the creatures do not show themselves in any way and they cannot be detected, then there is no evidence. There's a thing called Occam's razor. Its essence lies in the fact that if something can be explained without involving the existence of any entity, then it is considered that this entity does not exist. Otherwise, you would have to believe in everything that is not refuted,for example, in some green cheburashka that does not manifest itself in any way(you can't refute it,it does not manifest itself in any way).

  6. As Dante Alighieri said…The highest kind of bestiality is to believe that after this life ,there is no other.Apparently, he is absolutely right.And indeed.Eat, drink,reproduce…that's the way unintelligent animals do it.

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