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  1. Suicide is, first of all, a solution. The decision not to live. Whether a person has the right to make such a decision or not is already a topic for demagogy. However, one cannot say that this decision is good or bad, because there are too many factors involved. For some reason, I've always believed that only people who are completely desperate commit suicide, although now I realize that this is not the case.

  2. I could say why suicide is bad from a religious point of view, but I don't think you're going to hear it right now. I'll try to explain it in another way.�

    Our whole life, as an individual, and the evolution of all mankind, is a struggle with entropy. The struggle of the creative and destructive orders. Life is a constant movement from simple forms to more complex ones, from less organization to more. Each of us has gone from the simplest organism to an intelligent being that has enormous capabilities compared to other inhabitants of the Earth, and possibly the whole galaxy. Suicide is not just an act. This is an action that negates the achievement of millions of years of evolution. This is a personal capitulation to a destructive beginning, a rejection of one's goals, one's will, and one's Self.Suicide is also an extremely inefficient action – a one – time waste of all one's resources without any creative meaning (either for oneself or for other people).

  3. By committing suicide, a person flees from their problems. I.e., shows weakness. This is not a solution. Even committing suicide, a person causes pain to all those who knew him, loved him and to whom he was dear. I can hardly imagine a person who would not have such people.

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