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  1. Here it is worth separating the concepts. To become smarter – in fact, it is almost impossible to increase intellectual abilities ( firstly, they are due to genetics, and secondly, for hundreds of years, humanity has not learned to measure ” intelligence “, respectively, it is impossible to know for sure whether you have become something better or not). You want to be smarter because of the advantageous position of a more developed being.

    Improving your erudition is much easier. Here's what you need it for:

    1. Above is the opportunity to realize the natural need of a biosocial being – the desire to communicate.

    2. People like to feel superior to others

    3. It is interesting. If we live at the same pace and constant environment for a long time, sooner or later we will feel uncomfortable. I think there are biological reasons for this. If the ancestors of humans did not have the desire to change something and discover new things, then the habitat of the human species would be many times smaller. Learning information and receiving emotions with the help of books/movies/music, etc., as it were, a person transfers the desire to learn new things to the intellectual sphere.

    4. Mindfulness brings a little meaning to the world around us.

  2. Because being smart makes it much easier to meet any needs.

    Being smarter than others is more prestigious in society and causes increased interest in your personality.

    The mind is necessary for satisfying needs, but at the same time one of the needs of a person is to know something.

    One of the features peculiar only to a person, to transfer their knowledge to others and, accordingly, to accept them, people who strive to become smart, thereby realize their essence.

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