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  1. Don't generalize. Only some individual people. And they do not want to give up life, but the problems that beset them. And precisely because of the inability to solve these problems. It's just that they also generalize when they talk about life in general. In fact, they just want to get rid of the problems that have piled up. And that's not the same thing.

  2. Because this planet is a correctional institution, in other words, a prison. It's not possible to be happy here, even if you get everything you want. Getting out of here with the death suit (physical body) is also impossible. But, there are and will be attempts…

  3. A weak person wants to solve all their problems in this way – radically. But by solving your problems in this way, you deprive yourself of life in general, in principle, as a fact. No one has proved that there is “beyond the line”. And in this life, a suicidal person will no longer be able to see new things, feel new things, read, hear, get acquainted. Yes, a lot of things can not, if HE deprives himself of it.

    Well, it is necessary?

    It may seem that there is nowhere else to go, only to die. And you have to have a very strong character to kill yourself. Strong, not weak. For man's instincts are directed to life. It is the mind that leads a person to death. But life is not a rough draft: if you lose it,you can't rewrite it.

  4. The question is unusual. I want to answer.

    To die to give up life on Earth means that a person gets a life somewhere else.

    The whole culture and upbringing insists in fact that there will be a sequel beyond the grave.

    Our inner baboon (pack monkey) is almost certain of this. And computer games have created in the brain the confidence that if it didn't work out here, then there will be version 2.0.

    Priests, lamas, and mullahs are also talking about this. Will, will be version 2.0.

    And yet all these comrades act on behalf of an ephemeral being, but for the glory of those who hold on to power.

    And the people in power, just like the late Marshal Zhukov, adhere to the mantra “women will still give birth”. At the same time, neither the marshals, nor the generals, nor the entire holy brotherhood exactly want to die and give up their lives.

    The story of Mother Teresa is particularly revealing. Her homes for the dying with the apotheosis of suffering in the absence of medical assistance were for the poor. Mother Teresa herself used only supermedicine.

    In short, the goal of the people in power and the people who serve the government is to convince others to die at the very hour X, when the motherland will come for you either with a soldier's uniform or with a car order.

    Listen to Hasek and his immortal “Brave soldier Schweik”, take care of your gift-life.

    Only 1 out of 100 is born, after the cells of mom and dad have merged.

    Listen to Professor Savelyev on YouTube and get a taste of the psychologist Labkovsky.

    It is possible that this will help not to put on a “wooden macintosh” ahead of time, as our president noted.

    Professor Savelyev https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA9K8DN-U_U

    Schweik, Samoilov reads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suD1YalUKPQ

  5. Because they want to get rid of their seemingly intractable problems. But the souls of those who choose suicide, 40 days after death, reincarnate on earth, with the same and even more serious problems. In any case, you will have to solve your karmic problems, and not get rid of them.

  6. I can answer for myself. Because I don't understand the meaning of human existence. I don't feel at home on earth. I do not know what I am. I do not know why my consciousness sees and feels what it sees and feels, why it has to go through what it has to go through. For most people, the meaning of life is a good job, prosperity, and family. Only a few people wonder what all this is for and what we are in general. And yet – we live in slavery and a society of egocentrism and consumption, which overshadows spirituality and emotionality. As a very sensitive and good-natured person, it is very difficult for me to live in such a world. I often want to fall asleep and not wake up here, because I feel like a stranger.
    And the problem isn't even the circumstances. I am a pretty 20-year-old girl, studying, working, I have great friends, family, health.
    Just like that.

  7. Well, people have quite a lot of “reasons”. Tired of life, do not see a way out of any situation (although there is no way out only from the coffin), unhappy love, betrayal. This can greatly affect their weak psyche and as a result, they decide that suicide is the best option. Often these are people with extremely weak mentalities, or who have experienced tremendous stress. Well, there is also a category that romanticizes suicide.

    In short, people want to leave life on earth because of a lot of problems that they think they can't handle. Also, any psychological trauma or illness can play a role.

    I hope my answer was at least a little useful……

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