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  1. Because the descendants of those who didn't want to die survived, obviously. The question is trivial and there is nothing special to describe here, this is our biological nature. This has nothing to do with philosophy or religion.

  2. Because they are so constructed, there is an instinct for self-preservation, an instinct for procreation, and a fear of death. Otherwise, humanity as a species would not have been preserved in nature.

  3. Well, why so categorically? Different people in different periods of life treat it differently. Being in the most difficult conditions of life, people find comfort in the thought that sooner or later they will die and their suffering will stop. In such cases, death is welcome. She's a pain reliever.

  4. Because life is natural and death is unnatural. What fills life we know – desires, plans, passion, inspiration, etc. And what gives death? Pain, fear… it negates all plans and opportunities. In addition, all sorts of far-fetched teachings about the torments of hell inspire even more fear. There is no information about hell in the Bible, but

    This is how the Bible describes death: “The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing… in the grave, where you will go, there is no work, no reflection, no knowledge, no wisdom.” (Ecclesiastes 9: 5,10)

    The brain stopped working and everything disappeared: “and their love and their hatred and their jealousy have already disappeared…”(Ecclesiastes 9:6). Then the flesh gradually turns to earth. (Genesis 3: 19). Naturally, people don't want to die. Only death has not been canceled yet. According to the Bible, God will abolish death in the future: “The last enemy to be destroyed is death.” (1 Corinthians 15: 26). Then there will be an amazing, wonderful life on earth, without fear and death.

  5. I remember meeting a man with a distorted face in the cemetery . He was horrified, saying that he did not like to go there, because he was afraid of death, did not want to die, and the cemetery reminded him of the impermanence of being. It's just that everyone is afraid of the unknown, and in fact there is nothing there. There are no punitive angels who are ready to throw you for some stupid mistake made by misunderstanding to eternal suffering , no god who is only busy counting your sins, recording them in a certain Conduit. There is simply eternal rest, Nothing and Nowhere, eternal Never. Only those who have become “slaves” or “herds” during their lifetime are afraid, and who have spent their allotted time disliking their neighbors in the name of “love” for the One-Who-must-not-be-named, no matter how they are called by name. They are afraid that all their hopes are in vain, that time is wasted, the train has left them alone on an empty platform with a useless ticket to the “bright future”. All that remains for them in this situation is to cling to Life with the last of their strength.

  6. Yes, the instinct of self-preservation… It also acts in a similar way in animals.

    Just in the evolutionary race, those who fought to the end for life were expected to win. The desire to live-it promotes vision (cep) and leaving offspring. Those who did not want to live or did not really want to, they were eliminated and continue to be eliminated. Although not so much anymore, it seems to me that in modern human societies, natural selection is pretty much nullified.�

    There is also the reverse side of these instincts-the sacrifice of the body for the sake of its offspring. In social species, this sacrifice extends to the closest relatives. And man is a very social species.

  7. Why is everything in us rebelling against death? The Bible explains this. It says: “He (God) made everything beautiful in His time……He put eternity in the hearts of men, Ecclesiastes 3: 11.

    We want to enjoy the beauty of the world forever, not just for 70-80 years.

    Why did God put,, eternity,, in our hearts? Just to tease us? Of course not! God promises that death will be overcome. The Bible repeatedly says that God will eliminate death and grant people eternal life.

    Jesus Christ clearly said: “In order to have eternal life, it is necessary to acquire knowledge about you, the only true God , and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”, John 17: 3.

    So, the battle with death is not lost. But, as Christ said, ONLY GOD can give us victory over this enemy.

    ,… HE will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death … Revelation 21: 4.

  8. Not all � are connected � to the universal information field of the universe. Otherwise, ” everyone “would know that” death “does not exist. All “information” is saved . A person is just a “collector of information”, a battery, a receiver.

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