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  1. A long time ago I read in some children's magic book that creaks from nothing arise simply because of changes in temperature. Batteries, for example, creak because they have expanded after the daytime temperature, and at night the temperature has dropped and they decrease again, creating such a creak. I think the same applies to genders and everything else.

  2. Well, as a wizard, I can tell you that when the sun goes down, all sorts of unpleasant creatures wake up in the world. And in general, sunlight greatly weakens the entire other (in fact, it is an integral part of us) world.

    But before impressionable people start holding funerals for their apartments, calling fortune tellers, or anything else that will only waste your money and time, I warn you: people didn't give up on a lot of these very creatures for nothing. Especially ghosts; but that's a separate topic.
    And in principle, no outsider will enter the apartment until you invite him to it (if this is an apartment, and not a pass-through courtyard, of course). So it's all your imagination and, as mentioned above, the sharpening of your sensitivity to sounds.

    In short, you can relax and sleep peacefully, because the fact that you somehow put the plate crookedly, and it just moved to a more comfortable position – does not harm you in any way.

  3. In the absence of more significant stimuli, you begin to focus on the most significant ones, if it is a rustle, then we will listen to the rustle, but you can't sit in complete silence listening to your own heartbeat – you can go crazy.

  4. They don't start at this point. They are always there. When you go to bed, you remove all the factors that captured your attention(computer/TV/phone/book, etc.) and drowned out these rustles and creaks. And in the absence of louder ones/bright and interesting things the subconscious mind begins to cling to the slightest sounds and movements. That's all.

  5. It seems to me that this is autosuggestion. We are used to the fact that everything paranormal happens in the dark and we just have nothing to be distracted by before going to bed and we start to wind ourselves up, listen to everything. I'm sure that all these sounds surround us at all times, but during the day we do not attach any importance to it.

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