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  1. And this is one of the key diagnostic signs that allows you to distinguish a psychotic disorder from a neurotic one – the presence of insight or self – criticism to the condition (absence-on the medical “anozognosia”, non-recognition of pathology).

    Why this is so – there are various explanations, but the basis is that at the psychotic level, the “reality function” is violated, and quite strongly, that is, the basic sense of reality and the ability to check thoughts for authenticity.

    However, it is quite possible to meet patients with schizophrenia who have recognized and accepted their disease to a certain extent, that is, this is not a universal, although common, phenomenon.

  2. People with a diagnosis of ” schizophrenia “are perceived in a very unpleasant light in society, due to the so – called stigmatization – “stigmatization” of those who differ. I think very few people want to be rejected by others, so a person with a diagnosis can understand that they are sick, but do not want to be considered “sick”.

    There is also such a point as the lack of criticism – that is, the patient does not realize that his behavior differs from the generally accepted, so-called norm. This may be one of the criteria for the disease.

    About the denial of diagnoses in families suffering from mental illnesses. In short, it is more like a very complex, confusing and incomprehensible “game” for others, where the statements of people (in such a family) do not coincide with their thoughts, but serve as moves in the “game”. Something like poker, but with elements of theater, and with completely wild, confusing rules. Such statements may look wild to others, but it is quite consistent with the system of relations in this family.

  3. In the triad – psychiatrists, “schizophrenics” diagnosed by them, and relatives of the latter, all psychiatrists, without exception, and the families of victims of psychiatry are schizophrenics, that is, lunatics. Psychiatrists and parapsychologists are infected with schizophrenia in the walls of medical universities and internships, others-through delusional diagnoses. Paranoid psychiatry, alas, drives everyone crazy.

  4. Not everyone is schizophrenic. Here they correctly wrote about anozognosia. As for the “why”, I assume that this is due to such a mental mechanism as the “interpreter”, and all people have it. We tend to give a rational explanation for our actions, even if it does not correspond to reality. In psychoanalysis, this is called rationalization.

    And in a vivid form, this is manifested in patients with Anton-Babinsky syndrome: a person with lesions of the visual cortex ceases to see (at least-to respond adequately to visual stimuli). However, these people claim to see. And, for example, when they come across a wall, they invent an explanation in the style:”the room was dark.”

  5. Yes, in general, not everyone denies it. People diagnosed with schizophrenia are divided into many types. There are quite repulsed, who with a weak intellect and sit on ivalidnosti at home under chemistry stabilizirtschey their condition, from time to time return to the hospital. Some of them lose touch with reality during psychoses. So I read about a boy who saw minotaurs, who swore at him sexually and said something else in terrible voices. In general, he very hysterically denied that he was abnormal, considering that this greatly humiliates him and puts him on the status of not a clear-cut boy, but a psycho. Others are much more adequate. I personally saw a 40-year-old man. He worked in a scientific institution, had a mild schizophrenia (shas is already classified as SRL – schizotypal personality disorder), constantly read books on the topic of this diagnosis, and was very knowledgeable in this topic, in terms of intelligence, he was rather higher than the average person. I don't know what was going on inside of him, but from time to time he would go to bed for a month and somehow he was internally disturbed, some kind of distortion of perception. The rest of the time, even though he was hiding something, he behaved appropriately.

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