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  1. Naturally.

    The mind is powerless at all. Check it out for yourself: try using your mind to at least wash the dishes. Or defeat a mosquito.

    Well, yes, if you really think about it, one day it will fly away…

  2. A hint of the answer was given by Leo Tolstoy in the novel “War and Peace”. This quote is read by Bondarchuk in the first minutes of the film of the same name.

    These are the words of the great writer:

    “My whole idea is that if vicious people are connected with each other and make up strength, then honest people should only do the same.”

    However, it is more difficult for honest people to “do the same”, that is, to unite, to unite their efforts. We need a leader, an organizer, and a driver to unite them.

    And it's easier for vicious people! They solve very simple tasks, such as steal and divide.

    And another problem. Smart people are becoming less and less for many reasons (the self-education system works perfectly!). And reasonable-the cat did not cry!

    Reasonable people who have good feedback (with their conscience, with g-d, etc.)

    Intelligent people can anticipate the results of their actions. Stupid, cunning, greedy people can't do that.

    The answer is also hidden in your question. It is not enough to “intelligently discuss problems”, you need to set and solve problems. And for a collective decision, you need to be able to find Consensus or Agreement. Perhaps you have seen or participated in the work of the “collective mind” and understand that it is possible to gather a lot of smart people, but it is almost impossible to organize their Coordinated Work. Only the threat of death can help. But the majority cannot see this threat.

    I know the technology of coordinated teamwork. But there is no demand and it is idle.


    Smart Decisions!

  3. That's right. Reason is powerless against evil. You can use the atom to create both energy and bombs. This is a matter of moral choice, not rational choice.

    Therefore, the development of science and technology does not cover this need for value orientations in any way.

  4. It seems to me that this happens because of the lack of such clear boundaries and definitions of the concepts of “kinder” “smarter” and what is “evil” in general?

    for each individual, these are all different things, just as each person sees the world from different points of view and what seems normal within his profession, social circle, is not normal at all!

    It is also not clear where this mind is? How to define it, alas, but the world is changed by those who do, but do not talk and start reasoning (their business is also important, but they do not do it), it is very cool to sit in Italy in your own villa and say that people need this and that, this is not good or bad, it just happens.

  5. It is better to start with your last question.

    Is reason powerless against evil?

    Is it not reason that creates this very evil?

    Mind, it can simultaneously create both evil and good!

    And it depends on the direction of movement of the person himself, either in the direction of evil or in the direction of good.

    Where does the “direction of travel” come from?

    Depends on the internal state of a person.

    1. If the inner world of a person tends towards good, then all the movements of a person are directed towards good.

    2. If the inner world of a person tends to evil, then all movements are directed to evil.

    3. If the inner world of a person is empty, then the person is in a state of weather vane – wherever he blows, there he will be carried

    Of course, a person adjusts the direction of his movement in accordance with external control influences.

    This is the ideology.

    If the ideology says to people – “Get rich at any cost”, then who can go against it, if the majority has turned in the direction indicated by the ideology?

    Few people are capable of this!

    1. How will a person who is guided by his inner world for good behave? Of course, he will be captured by ideology, but he will not be able to “step over” himself and will try to act according to Conscience, in Harmony, in a Divine way-whatever you call it. But we won't see any harm from him.

    2. A person who normally treats evil directed at others, if this is how his inner world works, will receive additional motivation to get rich and completely stop looking in any direction, in addition to snatching a bigger piece for himself at any cost. It is under the words “snatch at any cost” and will be the biggest evil! It will be the evil of hatred and envy for those who have more, who have crossed the road in one way or another, who do not consider it cool, who talk about justice, the evil of destroying everything that stands in his way, not disdaining any of the ways.

    3. A person with an empty inner world, guided by ideology, will not be able to go the other way and will be forced to fight for their survival and will also represent evil-the evil of a sucker, who is deceived by everyone, offended, ignored and this evil can become pure evil at certain moments!


    What is power, if not the same person who received or took away, or took away, or bought more rights from others?

    He began to have more opportunities, but inwardly he remained the same as he was before acquiring power.

    And now let's be honest – here you are, reading this information, another?

    Aren't you arrogant?

    Aren't you envious?

    Are you not avaricious?

    Are you not a slavophile?

    Aren't you proud?

    Aren't you vain?

    Are you incapable of hating people you don't like or don't like?

    The list goes on…

    So how can there be more GOOD in the World if we bring EVIL into it ourselves?

    And we are run by those who want exactly that!

    And they want so much evil from us that everyone will say-yes, even to prison, if only justice…

    And none of them will say-I want LOVE!

    Well, therefore, those who choose are worthy of their chosen one!

  6. It's getting better. In many ways and all over the world.

    Say, when was the last time you saw a gopnik? This is some epic character from the early noughties. Well, these guys who shoot whitefish and squeeze phones, they were joked about in KVN. Gone somewhere. They stay at home, play Dota, or play at an online casino.

    Have you noticed how jokes about gays have gone out of fashion in Russia? Previously, it was normal to joke from the stage from the position of “ugh, what disgusting things”, the main TV channels broadcast in prime time. And now the most otvyaznye humorists keep their mouths shut. So, Ruslan Bely made excuses to Dudem that he was no longer a homophobe. An era has passed.

    Rostrud recently reduced the list of professions prohibited for women from 421 to 100. Isn't it because this long-outdated list was trumpeted from wherever possible? The humiliating ban on women being a ship's captain or a subway driver was mocked by everyone, and now the ban has been lifted.

    There is a big trend in the world to reduce the level of violence and increase the value of human life. Attitudes towards disabled people are changing. The attitude towards women has changed, and now they look at my mother's sexist with undisguised contempt. For what they used to shoot, they are now jailed for 15 days.

    Discussion, community service, blogs, and investigations have a big impact. You'll see, they'll soon start allowing GMOs everywhere, and in Russia they'll start removing signs from facades, banning free parking, and allowing same-sex marriage. And our descendants will wonder how it was possible to be so backward.

  7. Here everything is simple — three �factors.
    The first is that real people who know what to do are removed on the far approaches to power.

    Second , if such a person still gets into power, then this is a foreign body, he either degrades by adapting to the system or his system survives.

    The third is that there is no one to blame, they themselves are to blame, but it is difficult to admit this.
    A vivid example is the voting results:

  8. Our liberal government has broken ties with the people, and their goals and objectives are different.They've dropped the country pretty badly over the span of a couple of years,and they live on other people's brains.I would send many of them to the settlement, to farm.So they won't survive,they'll die.In reality, we have security forces and the Foreign Ministry working in our government.T. V. Stalini said:cadres decide everything, but what about us???

  9. Society as a person.

    And a person, as well as a society, can be smart, understanding, knowing how to become better. How to give up bad habits: steal something, get greedy, lie, get lazy, overeat, etc.

    But even at the end of their lives, not everyone can become perfect. But many still become better, kinder, wiser.

    So does society-it becomes wiser and kinder if you take the arithmetic mean.

    Either geometric or statistical-mathematicians will tell you how to calculate exactly how much wiser and kinder our society has become compared to the Stalin years or with the years 1914-1918.

    And if you become kinder and wiser by the end of your life, then you will also make society itself a little kinder and wiser.

    And if you get offended and run away from this job, well, then it remains to blame everything on those who are responsible for everything.

  10. Because the problems in the country are related to the economy and low incomes of people. Economic problems can be solved only by weakening the state(the state apparatus, the apparatus of officials, the power apparatus, the power of Moscow) and strengthening the NATION. Therefore, any discussion at the state level of problems in the country rests on the contradiction of weakness/strength of the state, which cannot be overcome at this level.�

    At the NON-state level, discussion of the problem of weakening the state and thus eliminating problems in the country rests on the rejection of the masses. The mass of people do not understand in principle the nature of the origin of problems in the country. People think that the problem lies in the conscience of individuals, that it is necessary to look for people with a conscience, educate conscience, etc. Such an approach only distances the country (nation) from solving problems. Because the issues of “selection” and” education ” are centralized issues. It turns out that the people want to strengthen the state. He gets it. And how the pattern gets problems.�

    In other words:�

    People want SOMEONE to solve THEIR problems FOR THEM. �

    SOMEONE, having received a huge administrative resource in return for promises to SOLVE PROBLEMS, creates a discourse according to which “the process is going on, but we are being hindered, so we need to strengthen our power.” The concentration of administrative resources creates the same economic and corruption problems. But none of the parties to the agreement is interested in changing the situation.�

    Reasons:1 )the territory of a country governed from one center is too large (real federalization is needed); 2) the last two generations have no positive experience of self-organization and self-government; 3 )active propaganda(on the part of interested parties) the need for a strong state as a defense against mythical external threats; 4) the lack of permanent experience of direct communication with the world, not knowing the world.�

    “REASON IS POWERLESS AGAINST EVIL?” – Правиль It is more correct to say: “Reason is powerless against the fear of the unknown.”

  11. Or maybe you just don't see what's getting better? The fact that people learn to unite to defend their interests is better. This is the point of all these discussions – building horizontal links and learning how to cooperate to realize their rights and freedoms.

  12. It is not reason that is powerless against evil, but chatter can do nothing against evil. Only actions can correct the situation. But… before you act, you need to talk and think. So it's all right, Captain.

  13. .. unfortunately, it is not possible to change the situation before the time, life is a game, which means that the roles are distributed, and only time changes the scenery and players, all this was chosen by a person from the beginning, considering for himself the basis for knowing good and evil, which still operate in us today.
    … as in the garden, the good has to be cultivated, but the evil grows without planting and does not need care.
    … without the work and support of the Creator, the situation cannot be changed until the time when the Lord will reward everyone according to our deeds, just as on the earth platform, cases are resolved in court.

  14. Because there is no practical part of theoretical discussions. Professors and scientific communities… Most simply discuss some problems, without touching on the essence – the practice itself. Take the scientific field. Most often, theorists do not have enough knowledge generated during the execution of the discussed decisions. For a very long time, universities and research institutes have been discussing the issue of filling positions with those employees who have a good work experience and an academic degree (which in modern realities is quite difficult to implement), but, in the current situation, a person either works “on the ground” or studies and improves their level of education, while teaching at the university.

    Russia needs practitioners who have passed the stages of discussing the problem they were working on, but the bottom line is that they continue to work with the words ” Who else can do it right?”.

    This question forms a triangle-like shape: “state-practitioners – work” and “state-theorists – training”. The points of contact of such triangles occur when performing certain tasks, but very rarely. When it “presses”.

  15. Everything is relative. Everyone sees good and evil in our world in their own way, as my uncle told me. So you don't need to think about it too much. This is my opinion.

  16. There are no smart or stupid ones. all humans are robots. No one sees or hears anyone or solves any problems at all. Everyone lives in their own way, for themselves. These are software games.

    Society and statehood are ALWAYS entropic, ALWAYS against a person, squeezing a person more and more until complete destruction, periodic erasure of all humanity.

    Evil doesn't exist. This is just a programmatic response to expectations of good.

    The freedom to choose to become human, Alive, and one in millions.

    Once you become a human, YOU WON'T play social games without understanding them.

  17. It's time,it's time to tighten the laws for bribery, theft from the state budget, cuts-kickbacks, ban the export of capital over the hill, store-invest here, develop your country!Something like this.

  18. Because everyone speculates on these topics. Everyone expresses their opinion, begins to argue, makes arguments, but in the end they come to nothing and let everything go by itself. There are some individuals who have found their own answer to the problems of Russian society and who do not hesitate to just talk about it. For example, Alexey Navalny and his FBK created a service that sends all participants the names of candidates who have the best chance of winning the election. The service was created to remove everyone related to EDR from the elected bodies. FBK Did something instead of doing nothing and discussing the topic “why everyone in Russia lives badly”. The results of this initiative will soon be visible. There are opposition members who call for a boycott of the elections so that the state will make concessions. As many people as there are, so many opinions, and everyone has the means to reanimate Russia. However, most often these tools do not work immediately, and no one wants to wait. A discussion will not change anything if it is not followed by any action.

  19. The mind is powerless against the crowd. This thesis answers the question. And if you reveal more details, then the individual, society and the crowd react to the situation in different ways. Society condemns theft. But this does not prevent individuals from cleaning up something that is not lying well on occasion. The crowd, on the other hand, is ready to smash and pillage under any circumstances. That is, for example, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, when reasoning on the topic of theft, expresses rejection of such behavior, because reasoning is a manifestation of the social component of a person's life. But as soon as he sees that the seller has moved away, and the desired or just any product is at arm's length – will he be able to resist the temptation to grab it for free? It should only be noted that the option to take will be chosen at the present time not so much as in the 90s.

  20. Your view is too subjective. You can only judge in the circle of visibility of your observation. At the same time, most people are not inclined to express their own opinion publicly, but prefer to be listeners. Consequently, your opinion of the general population and the government in particular is hasty.
    It is more likely that the current level of intelligence of our society corresponds exactly to the state of affairs in it. Being and consciousness are in constant interaction. The mind is constantly working to improve being. Improving the conditions of existence contributes to the fruitful work of the mind. Therefore, we are seeing an ACCELERATION of scientific and technological progress.
    But the problems in society are very diverse, as well as the society itself. Therefore, neither is the mind or consciousness homogeneous. Society moves through trial and error. It is too inert in comparison with one person who can quickly solve some problems and improve their life. In society, qualitative changes are always driven by a quantitative factor. That is, it takes time for some progressive ideas to capture a critical number of people, after which their widespread implementation would begin.
    But unlike the author of the question, I personally do not notice any new ideas of social structure that have taken hold of more and more segments of the population. And therefore, we do not see any rapid changes.

  21. Well, in general-yes. Reason is powerless against evil. The very existence of evil is an unavoidable consequence of the existence of reason. And, in principle, this is a good thing. As for the authorities and society – well, think for yourself: why should they become different? Are there any prerequisites, reasons, or grounds for this? No. People are essentially the same as they were 100, 1000, or 5000 years ago. The same desires, the same fears, the same means of achieving goals. Why should it be better?

  22. Is reason powerless against evil?
    Idealism in all its glory. Neither reason nor evil has anything to do with it. There are only two possible situations in the world: the dictatorship of the majority (proletariat) and the dictatorship of the minority (bourgeoisie). We live under the dictatorship of the latter. 90% of the world's population works for pennies to provide 10% of the population with super-taxes. That's when the advantage will be in the direction of ordinary people, and then life will be much better. Because society cannot become kinder and smarter, because it exists in conditions of hunger, poverty and total robbery. Because there is no opportunity for most people to earn decent money by doing what they love or just a decent thing, most people do not have money for branded clothing, high-quality institute, healthy and natural food (hence spending on medicine is created), at the same time, as everywhere people are attacked by advertising calling for a beautiful life. People collect loans, steal, get nervous, there are crises everywhere, pay pennies and so on and so forth. Reason is not powerless against evil, it is powerless against circumstances. Here we have a bunch of people who work 12-hour shifts, and this money settles in the bottomless pockets of several people. While these funds could be used to build roads all over the world, organize free education, raise science and medicine, and so on. In general, we need to build communism. Under capitalism, everything and everything is a commodity. Capitalism fulfilled its role in the 19th century. Today's capitalism is leading us on the path of self-destruction. The 20th century was a century of two world wars and it was started because of capitalism, war for capitalism is a way to solve crises.

  23. I don't quite agree with your thesis, but no matter how much you say “halva”, it won't be sweet. Mind is not powerless, but we may not know what is MIND and what is EVIL. Without seeing the whole picture, it's hard to judge what's going on. Alas!

  24. Reason is not powerless against evil; it usually serves evil. Evil without reason can do little, it will just be blind madness. Evil in alliance with reason creates monsters like the United States or other evil empires. Evil in alliance with reason is the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the burning of Dresden, the destruction of Libya, the bombing of Belgrade, the collapse of the WTC twin Towers, the creation of ISIS, aggression against Syria. There is no number of American crimes.

  25. Absolutely-the mind is powerless against evil. The great villains of mankind were far from stupid; Hitler, Stalin, Nero, Ivan the Terrible, and so on, to name a few… Man is naturally selfish, self-serving, and vindictive; in religion this is called ” innate sinfulness “(original sin).

    I think the fact is that there is no decent authority, because a person, even the best representative of the human race , cannot be an authority to stop evil, because he himself does evil, makes mistakes; as correctly noted, the authorities steal, and ordinary people are evil and not smart…

    Only the Creator, God, is the true authority that determines the standards of good and evil, what is good and what is bad, what is right and wrong, what is harmful and what is useful. But people-deny the Divine authority, prefer to live as they want, their own authority, and many even claim that God does not exist. How will society become a better place? Didn't Hitler hear the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”?

  26. Discussing problems (whether in the country or in real life) doesn't get any better in itself :))

    Whether society is getting smarter – well, let's start with each other: have you become smarter in the last year? And kinder? If so, then society automatically does, and if not, why should society be different?

    Reason is powerless against opinion, but against evil reason has the power and power to transform it into good.

  27. Man is born with intelligence and free will. He can think about objects, phenomena, events thanks to the ability that is called rationality. And he can also act on the basis of his own desire or will. In other words, a reasonable person can act according to his will or not act. A person's will can be directed to perform positive actions. This is considered a useful activity in human society. Ideally, the work of a doctor, judge, military man, teacher, driver, etc., should benefit society. This is how civil, moral, ethical, and religious laws dictate. But in human society, laws are often violated without fear of being found out and punished accordingly. This is primarily due to the fact that Homo sapiens, Homo sapiens, is so named only because it has the ability to be intelligent. But it's a biological term. In fact, man is primarily a form of his will. The will wills, but the mind knows. A person can know that stealing is an evil, a crime. Killing is even more evil than stealing. To condemn an innocent person, not to keep a secret, not to keep a word, etc. in the eyes of the human community, these things are subject to discussion and punishment. However, the will wills, and the mind obeys it. With reason, a person comprehends civil, moral, and religious truths. He can raise his mind to Heaven and comprehend spiritual and heavenly Truths. But if, having raised his reason to understand this, a person does not want to act in the same way by his will, then the will always wins over the reason. And each time he adjusts his mind to his will. Here's an example: many people want to learn a foreign language. But few people learn it, because the mind understands the necessity, but the will does not make any effort. It is easier for a person to justify this lack of time, abilities, and money. But in reality, he just doesn't want it, doesn't like it. Because the will always strives for what it loves.
    So it turns out that everyone says beautiful words, but they act ugly. No one will give their own, but they will take someone else's. No one wants to deceive themselves, but they will deceive others. Therefore, it is necessary to judge not by words, but by deeds. People hear about it at every turn.
    This is stated in the Gospel of John : if you were blind, you would have no sin, but because you say that you see, the sin remains on you. If a person knows how to act, then he should do exactly that. But… Unfortunately, the world is getting crazier and crazier in its actions.

  28. Someone has long joked that there are plenty of people everywhere who know how to solve all the problems in the country and in the world – but it's a pity that they all work not as politicians, but as taxi drivers and hairdressers.

    In a word, “sensible discussion of problems” by taxi drivers, hairdressers, ordinary people, picket vests and other network hamsters-it is absolutely “past the money”. All decisions are made on a completely different level – by a group of friends, about whom Pelevin, as always, spoke well:

    Where the Homeland begins for these tanned athletic men, it ends for everyone else, because no one will be allowed behind the fence. And where it starts for the rest of us, they don't even need to go there. Except maybe get out of the Mercedes to take a piss…

  29. When you make such statements, what time period do you take? It doesn't get any better in how long? Over the course of 31 years of my life, it has become seriously better. I remember a time when, as a 15-year-old teenager, I could buy a bottle of burnt port wine for 37 rubles, smoke Java, and calmly walk along Tverskaya Street, sipping this swill. And somewhere near McDonald's, I could easily have been approached by two older guys to try to take this port away from me, and the money that was left after buying it. All this was absolutely normal then, and did not attract much attention.Is this possible now? No. That would be out of the ordinary right now. Older men, especially from the hinterland, tell how they went out for a walk, just in case they took a sawn-off shotgun with them. Well, what if what? And before that? The war turned the psyche of an entire generation to hell. And before that, there was another war, which immediately flowed into another one. Famine, hell and Israel, all sorts of fierce pi*- / ts-this is what our grandparents found. Has it gotten better since then? Has it gotten better since tsarist Russia? The Tatar yoke? Definitely. Definitely.

    I want the development to take place right before our eyes, so that in one year everything becomes radically better. But it doesn't happen that way. The state and humanity are too vast a mass to change so quickly. Try to change at least one person in a year, and you will see how difficult it is to change one hundred and forty million.�

    In addition, development is never linear – it is always a curve – one step back, two steps forward. Moreover, this step back also takes time, and for people who do not look back more than a year, it may seem that it is getting worse and worse FOR a LONG TIME. But the curve will go up. This is unavoidable. Humanity is developing objectively, including our country.

    It seems that we have discussed everything, sorted everything out, and everything has come together. We know how to do it, and we also know how not to do it. This means that everyone should listen to us, and everything will immediately change as if by magic. But it doesn't happen that way. Change is always a process. Most people can't be changed by magic. And if we don't change people, we won't change anything. Everything will be fine, but everything will take time.

  30. I remember an anecdote from the time of Perestroika, when the henchmen of capitalism killed the great power.

    a man looks in the window of the Soyuzpechati kiosk and asks:

    • Is there really a girl?

    Meaning the newspaper Pravda. The kiosk has long since sold out all the newspapers, so it responds to a belated customer with a tired patter:

    • There is no” Pravda”, “Russia” was sold, only “Trud” remained for three kopecks!

    The Basic law of capitalism: “You or me”, not “You and me”, so there is no truth.

    Capitalism encourages greed, which is why Russia was sold out.

    Capitalism is a legitimate racket of the ruling class, and that's why labor for three kopecks .

  31. Because in this society (paradigm) Reason is weaker than Power. In power are people who have made their way there by force (conditionally), which gives them the conditional right to take material resources from society. Since our world is built on consumption, we see: theft, bribes, schemes, sanctions, etc. Since the Mind is very afraid of losing: freedom, life, property, etc., it sits and saws on the Internet angry articles, previously collected in the kitchen tenants, etc.In this world we live.

  32. But the number of dollar billionaires is growing. There are already more than 100 of them.

    “By increasing our own well-being, we also increase it – to some extent-for society as a whole.”

  33. Smart people don't discuss problems in society. The homonym “society” has thousands of meanings. It's like discussing the quality of “butter” without agreeing on whether it's creamy, olive, machine – made, or massaged.

    Smart people discuss people's problems.

    The authorities can't steal. Government employees steal.

  34. Imagine a professor who is stopped in a dark alley by a high-powered drunk. In this case, certainly reason, wisdom, and common sense are weaker than brute and blunt force. So it is with our lives.

  35. The human mind has a correct definition, which many unfortunately do not know.For this reason, the interpretation and execution are so very different.Yes, and humanity as a single organism, once again confirmed its complete failure in dealing with everything that can be achieved.

  36. Because there are two types of people. Talkers and doers. Talkers play the role of a smart guy, a patriot, a saint, a hero, a father. But in real life, they can only work. On the map. And these do what is profitable. They easily negotiate, and understand others with half a word. This is how the higher and lower classes are formed

  37. It is not enough to discuss, we need to act. The winners are those who act. And they're not always very smart. Rather average in intelligence.

    But the average mind is not enough to make the world a good place. It is very complex.

    And the mind is constantly being tempted by ancient social instincts and cultural attitudes. For example, xenophobia

  38. But where has it been seen, where has it been heard, that conversations (clever, stupid, empty, meaningful) have changed anything at all, at least somewhere, in any way? You know the fable of Ivan Andreevich Krylov “The Cat and the Cook” (do you have a cat on the cover from it?) don't you remember? “And Vaska listens and eats…

    I'd like a different cook

    He told me to cut it down on the wall:

    So that there are no speeches to waste in vain,

    power to useWhere necessary .”

    Oh, the chatterboxes!..

  39. I have personally seen similar questions in the discourses of Plutarch, the writings of Diogenes Laertius, the tales of Homer, or C. Doyle's History, and the who is still There.

    Just, strong and purposeful societies are provided, as it seems, not so much by intelligence as by ordinary morality: the rigid” anti-consumer “morality of the Spartans, when the corresponding “committees” could come to the Spartan house and check whether it had accumulated something superfluous (gold or a warmer BLANKET), made them a certain standard for their time, the rigid morality of the Turks allowed them to conquer vast areas, and the collapse of the empire was the result of the rejection of traditional morality, the straightforward morality of ordinary communists, It allowed the USSR to industrialize and win the most difficult war of annihilation.

    Yes, in each case, it was a society that was far from democratic (since no one really asked anyone what to do) and at the same time very democratic (since everyone did what they wanted).

    And in modern democracies, where is there a good society in which officials do not steal?? Not possible.

  40. Well, they discuss yes, and then what, what actions are being done? No, that's all, it's not the mind that's powerless here. Business matters, business matters. Until reasoning people start doing them, nothing will change. While it is not possible to unite on some basis, and you can't do much alone.

  41. Who doesn't get better? At your place? Maybe I should go get a job? Maybe I should take a break from my detached conclusions and start improving my own life??

    Is it really still not clear that boring self-deprecating decadence is no longer in fashion: people around the dacha buy themselves cars, drive around the world! The world outside is huge!

    No need to waste time on another recognition of your insignificance – it's boring, your dog will whine-go to Turkey, drink a beer, find yourself a girlfriend, with an “intelligence” that doesn't fit into jeans, or if you are a lady friend and the world will smile at you.

  42. That's really true, as in the question, straight… Everyone here, I see, is smart and reasonable… everyone wants the best, not even for themselves, but for our people. most of the comments here are clearly against the internal political trend of our leadership. Almost everyone knows how to” save ” Russia..

    I would like everyone to honestly answer a number of everyday questions for themselves. for example, how do you get along with your neighbors? (absolutely with everyone, even the unfriendly ones) or have you ever offered to help Grandma bring a heavy string bag on the street?, and here's more: if any of you have ever stopped by the neighborhood orphanage to try to offer some kind of volunteer help, you might come in handy… and finally, are you the kind of person who never throws small trash out of your pockets on the sidewalk?�

    This is for starters… There are still a lot of questions to ask. But to make our society better only if we all become better ourselves to begin with, because society is us. Do you remember the old long-forgotten song: Where does the Motherland begin? so it starts with our yard, not the Kremlin…

    If tomorrow we can make 100% of the country's population smart, reasonable, educated and politically savvy with a snap of our fingers, then the country is screwed, because first everyone must learn to respect each other, think about their neighbor, and help… But it seems to be a utopia, and therefore, what are the claims to those in power? they are part of us, they have grown up among us. new ones will come with new political ambitions, not the fact that it will get better, but new ones will come on blood, then we will slide back into the Middle Ages, only for at least 30 or 40 years…

  43. Don't mix up the concepts. Reason is powerless against folly, and good is powerless against evil. Nothing changes from reasoning. If the country continues to live off raw materials, then you can only change one thief to another. Clans fight among themselves for control over resources and block the very possibility of development, so as not to lose power and the ability to control resources. Alas, so it was in Russia under the tsars and under the Soviets, and so it is now. Everything ended in failure.

  44. Because they only learned about “good” actions from films, and even then American ones, and now they pretend that yes, yes, we are so reasonable, kind, and so on, these are just cheap imitations-our people do not know any compassion,love ,friendship,and they do not like “reasonableness”-it is across their throat ,because it is close to justice,and they only want it to be good for them, and the neighbor should be burned.a typical example came in Atomenergo= big turn-each,every dog, going to the queue asked, although he said that all is one, that they say that they need here in this window and you in the window and other nonsense-no one came and just was not in place-all of these people consider themselves to be above and smarter than others ,and others they don't think the people,especially the weak who are inferior(these idiots haven full)- that's the whole secret of the misfortune of the Russian people-there is no neutrality-there is hatred for one's neighbor, period.

  45. Discussing this is one thing, but actually running a country is quite another matter. The “problems” in the country are mostly discussed by amateurs who think they are experts. And these are not problems at all, but current issues of the development of the country and society, which always exist and will always remain in any country at all times, and in order to discuss them, you need to know all the background and facts underlying them.

    Sofa experts do not know even a hundredth part of the information that is necessary for its adequate assessment in terms of the socio-economic state of the country.

  46. Participants in such discussions often have exaggerated ideas about their own intelligence and extremely superficial ideas about the subject of discussion. Not to mention that stirring the air with your tongue is very far from being a productive activity.�

    Based on the presence of simple answers to complex questions, the fool is calculated at once.

  47. but because you can talk a lot, but when you start doing it, everything becomes not so simple.

    for example, a person knows what to do (like) not to be poor – you need to study well, get an education, find a good job-but the world is full of people with education without work.

    to live even better – you need to start a business-develop it working 20 hours a day-then you will definitely get rich and you will lie down and do nothing. – no, in the world millions of people work for themselves in their businesses, and they don't see a lot of money.

    so you can talk as much as you want about how to sell the yachts of all the oligarchs and raise the pension of all the elderly-all this remains populism harmful to everyone. but many people do not want to understand this.

    a good example is to calculate how many kilograms of meat the average worker could buy in 1910 and 1930. it seems that the people's government came and took away the excess from those who have nothing and distributed it to everyone who has nothing. but in fact, how?

  48. First, 90% of these “smart” people are not smart at all, and few of them offer really current things. Most journalists, bloggers, and other” know – it-alls ” have knowledge of economics, technology, politics, history, and sociology at the level of philistine, speculative ideas. Only a few people understand how society and the state work, how the economy works.
    Secondly, all these people talk thoughtfully, but few of them try to do anything. Everyone prefers to give “smart” advice and criticize with pathos those few real Personalities who are really trying to do something.

  49. Our people, for the most part, are ordinary cattle and serfs.And what is interesting, there is a proverb about a girl who was taken from the village to the city, but she lived in it all her life, and did not become a city.

    You can take the girl out of the village, but you can never take the village out of the girl.

    So our people will never be free, because they never lived in the city for a single day, only in the country.

  50. It's strange, but I don't see enough smart people. Most wear muzzles and prick themselves… That's why life isn't getting any better, and I'm afraid it won't … Education is destroyed, and zomboyashchik copes well with the process of stupefying the masses…

  51. Every person, no matter how brilliant they are, is still just a human being. First of all, it can't do everything. Second, man has limited strength, and third, he lacks wisdom. King Solomon also said, ” Man rules over man to his detriment.” Only God can correct everything: “A little while and the wicked will be no more; you will look at his place and it will not be there, but the meek will inherit the earth and enjoy the abundance of peace.”

  52. Because evil, for example, the mafia acts in an organized manner, and smart people are divided !

    The organized criminal world excuses its criminals, pulls them out and protects them somewhere in their historical homeland…

    How can an honest loner resist organized crime, and even ethnic crime ?

  53. Do you think the Russians are complete cretins-to fight against the most effective ruler of Russia in the last 400 years?

    You will find at least one mentally complete person in Russia who will speak out against Putin!

  54. And why should it get better ? Most people don't want that. Russia is a country of harsh people. They're building an empire, like the Golden Horde. People don't matter here. On the contrary , the leaner the better. But more tanks and missiles. And rich people are dangerous. The rich themselves will want to choose the authorities, create laws. And this is the collapse of the imperial idea. Everyone must be poor, angry, intimidated and preparing for a war for the greatness of the empire. Beggars die easily. Does a rich man want to go to war ?

  55. You will not take a country, but something a little simpler.

    For example, TSN. If you are in the house where he lives, started to carry out repairs at the expense of capital repairs, then well done. But such houses are one in a hundred, if not a thousand. Those who manage to manage a common household successfully, it seems, can be counted on their fingers. This is approximately the zone of influence of smart people who are able to improve something.�

    If people change their attitude to their homes, then the municipal elections will also change, now no one goes to them, so aliens are elected. And a large number of municipal deputies interested in improving the life of their district can significantly influence the head of the district. And so on.

    This, of course, is not the only way. You can, for example, wait for the “Varangians” who will come and fix everything from above. This path from above is much faster, but less likely. �

    But one way or another, the vicious circle “we are waiting for people who do not live on the bottom to come to power” must be broken from one side. As long as it is strong, then nothing in essence will improve, no matter how much you think about it.

  56. Everything is very easy and simple, the mind cannot fight against its own nature.Darkness, Evil=Good, Duty, Honor, Truth, Beauty, Love, Faith…call it what you will,the essence of this will not change.Death is the beginning of a new Life,and there is nothing better for this than Darkness.

  57. This is because the smartest, most cunning, and most active people “fight” on the side of Evil. And usl. Dobro-gives practically nothing. Good=clear conscience-moral satisfaction…and other crap….. Evil =power and money, i.e. the possibility of REALIZING ONE's OWN (and not others', common to all, etc.) PLANS, DESIRES, and AMBITIONS. That's why the “powerful” are on the side of Evil. And on the side of Good-suckers, pussies and holy fools.

  58. Only UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can resist evil. Moreover, it is necessary to look for and awaken it not in candidates and deputies and bosses, etc., but in yourself and your family. Find out if you are interested in what it is called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

    Good luck with your life.

  59. It is important not only to think, but also to feel with your soul in order to change the life of society . People are not focused on emotional feelings, and therefore are not able to unite, remaining isolated egoists

  60. in order for the Russian people to multiply, it is necessary to abolish pensions. If you want to have a decent old age, raise decent children who will support you at the end of your life! I've spent my whole life going to night clubs and resorts – here's a bed in the poorhouse at the monastery.

  61. First of all, because the number of smart people and their mind is actually quite conditional – almost the majority of “smart” people indulge each other, or actually say banal or outdated things. Besides that. smart people rarely provide a specific plan or project (for example, the draft Constitution as Pestelev once did), and as a rule, really smart people are little known. And third, the mind alone is not enough to change anything at all, you need strength, will, and desire. as a rule, smart people have big problems with all this.

  62. Because as many people as there are in the world, there are just as many interests, desires and opinions. And they tend to intersect, conflict, or agree with each other, forming various groups, currents, and communities that in turn form doctrines, trends, and policies that ultimately determine what and who is good or evil for them, and develop laws and rules of behavior toward each other and those with whom their interests, desires, and opinions overlap to varying degrees or do not coincide at all. And now we will add to this sauce all the vices and virtues of man (eg. envy, vanity, pride or love, generosity, etc.) and the output will get what we have. When rules and laws are formed, they bring their carriers into a static form, but the world is dynamic, new ideas and groups of people appear around them, and these laws begin to interfere with some of them and create obstacles. And again, a conflict of interest, and so on ad infinitum. No wonder there is a proverb: What is good for a Russian, then for a German – death, which means: What is good for some can be disastrous for others. So it is not the mind that is powerless here, we live in a world of ideas, where the mind is the creator. And what is bad for him or good is everyone's choice. And by the way, the degree of freedom lies in the possibilities of this choice. And there is no difference, this also applies to people in power and snotty boys playing “voynushka”)

  63. The answer is hidden in the text of the question itself. Because they only “discuss”, but they don't really do anything. And the existing regime of blurting out (discussing ) problems is extremely beneficial to the ruling gopota. To do this, a lot of Solovyovs, Simonyans and other demagogues, political scientists and economists are paid on TV. At the same time, the proven crook Serdyukov is amnestied and transferred from one financial flow to another ; “effective managers” of various Roscosmos, Rosneft and Gazprom receive huge monetary “fees” ( much larger than in similar foreign companies), while these “enterprises”are systematically unprofitable. The real positive antipode of the gopnik RFII is communist China, where thieves are imprisoned and corrupt officials are executed.

  64. Everything is simpler, these conversations, as such, do not make sense, simply because the problem being discussed does not take into account all the factors that affect the question.

    simple example:

    All merchants avoid paying taxes, and in a crisis they demand support from the state. But they miss the point that the state supports large taxpayers. Since their deductions affect the fulfillment of obligations to the population. And think about how many conditions affect this assistance, external conditions, obligations, maintaining employment volumes, and so on. The reasoning does not cover all the nuances. And these nuances to any smart conversation can be given a couple of sheets, in small print. The same applies to amendments to the law:) still, they know better how and what should be in them:) However, they miss the fact that it is necessary to go through certain administrative procedures, from development and submission to checking for contradictions with existing laws and bylaws.

    Imagine how the spray rises on the topic and what about in the civilized world:) Before you splutter, read the legislation and try to understand the clever wording and subordination of decision-making bodies in these magical “civilized” countries. Alternatively, you can simply determine the level of dependence on external factors by looking at the size of any country's external debt in proportion to the country's GDP. Well, then you can always ” try ” to find the conditions for granting loans from the IMF. And so for reference, in the light of dermocracy there is an official lobbying of various interests (stupidly who paid more, those interests become the law) and if you try to understand their magic electoral law, then you will be very surprised that this country dictates to the whole world how to vote for whom and talk about the legitimacy of the choice made:)

    And yes, before you accuse someone of a crime like theft, it would not be bad to get acquainted with the evidence:) and just smart reasoning on this topic just without evidence-based chatter:)

  65. Why do so many smart people seem to discuss problems in the country and society sensibly, but it doesn't get any better? The government does not steal less, society does not become kinder and smarter? Is reason powerless against evil?

    Some people say (all sorts of hippy liberals, as on this portal) others do. If you listen to what they say, you will never meet those who do. And if you do, the demand from you will be such that you will most likely break down in the first day.

  66. Reason is on both sides of the barricades of good and evil. And the number of problems these barricades do not characterize. Barricades themselves characterize society. It is kinder when they are pushed to one side, angrier when they are pushed to the other.

  67. Because the mind itself is helpless. If the roots of the folk tree of the peoples of Russia were cut down for 400 years, what will happen to the tree? He's sick. This is what we see in our country.

  68. Although man was created “in the image and likeness of God,” yet he is not God.He did not create this world, so it is said that man cannot rule over man! But only the one who created everything with his own mind and hands, and this is not a person! Only the Creator knows how human society should develop smoothly. He established not only physical, chemical, but also moral laws. But people do not want to live according to these laws, inventing their own, they think to outwit God. But society suffers, and so do they. It was a law for kings that they should not multiply horses and wives for themselves, that their hearts should not be corrupted, and that they should not multiply silver and gold for themselves. And when the king sits on the throne, he must “copy the list of the law for himself” and read the Law all the time, so that he does not forget how to manage his people wisely. God has provided for everything: what we can face and how to do the right thing so as not to harm either ourselves or society. At the head of all these laws is LOVE and RESPECT! But people stubbornly resist the SUPREME authority from God. And where is their wisdom?

  69. There are no authorities, there are no people who can be guided in the matter of honesty, and when everyone around you steals and takes, it is difficult for a person to refuse free money. This is not a gop stop on the street, but a goat theft where everything is correct by unsubscribing.Spiritual morality has been rejected and there is nothing to replace it with, so they steal because there is no fear and no conscience.

  70. Because the language to talk is not to turn bags. Everyone knows everything, everything is simple for everyone. But in fact, you need a strong will and a sober mind, which few people have, it is easier to criticize than to do

  71. There is no mind, where did you see it? Yell in the street “WE ARE THE AUTHORITIES HERE!”, and when detaining any of the protesters, simply shout” SHAME!”, filming the beatings on camera. There is no courage, no full awareness of your situation, no unity, no determination, no support. The opposition media have become similar to the pro-government ones – both have propaganda, but with different views. People are stupid and helpless. And it didn't smell like intelligence. And by force, too. And the Kremlin sees it.

  72. It is strange that there are so many smart and kind people, and the society is evil, it is strange that there are so many who know how to do it, and everyone around them does everything through one place. It seems to me that there are no more smart and kind people, on the contrary, there is a huge amount of information, both good and bad, and there are fewer and fewer people who want to analyze it, think about it at least a little bit. So it is with the ability to hear another opinion, and not to feel anger and hatred towards it. A long road begins with the first step, and changes in society with a specific person, our movement is now towards a deep ravine, from which it takes a long time to get out.

  73. Because nothing can be changed in our country for a long time.
    You can write a letter somewhere upstairs. You can also write a direct line to Putin. Or go to the polls to vote. You can at least all together. And all this can also be done several times.
    But the main thing is not to stop hoping, without hope life is somehow sadder.

  74. Initially, why everything is so bad, you can at least look at the constitution, which states that it is not possible to live sovereignly, freely, beautifully, correctly in Russia. Well, after the constitution, there are already 1000 small reasons. By the way I am surprised when Putin says that he will not change the constitution. Let him be the guarantor of this document, but why applaud it? By the way, one more simple thing is surprising, investment, investment, this is translated into Russian as greed, deception, speculation, theft, in a word, crime, but for some reason this word is on everyone's lips and these lips have a smart person and these people occupy senior positions. Life is turned upside down and we are like zazombirovannye happy about it, do not notice it, only sometimes wonder that something is wrong. The Constitution. The fish's head is rotten, and we look at the tail and wonder at something, ask some questions. I can't remember all the articles of the constitution that make us unhappy, there are about 6-7 of them, but the main St13 if I'm not mistaken, is where we are, the state has no right to its ideology. Ship without steering wheel, fish without

  75. Because they don't have the power, that's the first thing. The second thing is that smart people only “discuss” problems, we need to somehow solve them, act, and start with the biggest problem – the state system.

  76. Reason is powerless against violence. If you screw smart people on the street, stamp out sentences with the wording “there is no reason not to trust a representative of the authorities” and write out fines and arrests for them, smart people will find themselves not in places where state management decisions are made, but in places not so remote.

    Therefore, societies built on the institutional prohibition of aggressive violence and the protection of life and property, that is, materialized life, thrive: there is an opportunity for reason to be realized. And societies that do not resist or even approve of police and judicial lawlessness in the name of “order”, “stability” and “security” are doomed to stagnation or even degradation.

  77. Because everyone is good at talking with their tongue, and when it comes to business, unpleasant details are found out. First, you need to get up from the couch and stop thinking that someone will do everything for us, which eliminates about 75% of well-wishers. Secondly, you need to clearly formulate your goals, what exactly to achieve in the first place and in what ways. But there is already a shortage of resources, we are not on the couch all this time and do not rant about freebies and how we should do everything around us. Dropping this useless resource consumption eliminates another 24%. The remaining 1%, after eating turnips, is returned back to the sofa. You can't go scouting with assholes like that.

  78. Power is many-sided and numerous. All under one comb can not be combed. But you can educate them. In China, they bring up a bullet in the back of the head. Under Stalin, they were brought up by Kolyma and the White Sea Canal. But in general, education pays off after several generations. And these previous generations should become more and more honest. We are not allowed to observe this long process and its outcome because of our short life span. And one President, even Putin, is not enough to restore general proper order, resolutely cut off liberalism and at least basic honesty.

  79. Because their intentions are not pure. They only discuss and that's all. But as soon as it comes to putting their thoughts into practice, they collapse. Today's ardent fighters for freedom and the rights of the people, once in power, are immediately reprogrammed, overgrown with medals, titles and become respected and honored statesmen.
    “There are a lot of people, but there is no person…”

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