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  1. I have a lawyer friend who immediately gives a quick and well-reasoned answer to any question from his field. An expert in his field with extensive experience. I didn't like the other lawyers.

    There is a doctor who gives the same expert answer in his field.

    I didn't think the other doctors were experienced enough.

    It's the same with all other areas – people study a lot, practice a lot, solve problems, and eventually become experts.

  2. So much for anyone?)
    perhaps they've just heard the same answer before.

    You know, I love Q & A services. I'm a veteran, you might say.
    I started with <url> a long time ago, almost 15 years ago.

    By the way, he was quite different then. it is impossible to do that now, but then everything was quite pleasant.

    So, from my 15 years of experience reading other people's questions, I can say that people ask about the same thing.

    Only the names and minor details differ.

    As it is, they can easily be grouped by topic, and the structure of questions does not change.

    If the question is political, it usually sounds like this – �This is the situation in the country, why is the government inactive?
    or-what would you say to a politician (blogger, movie star) “enter your name” ?
    And there is also an option – �Why are you so stupid and don't understand that liberalism-demacracy-market-communism-Christianity-atheism don't care what – the only way to success and you are all “dissenters” – the fifth column.

    If the question is about relationships with the sexes, then everything is the same there, too.

    I'm so wonderful why don't they love me.

    Or �-how to live if a loved one has left (not reciprocated).

    Even so, it may be – here modern society is rotten and all the foundations are lost, and I'm all so wonderful and as if not from this century, what should I do, plebeians?

    Roughly speaking, I can structure almost any topic in this way.

    As you can see, by answering one such question , you have answered all copies of it.
    Just then, with age, you slightly change the arguments or add some details.

  3. There are stupid and there are smart people, there are people with independent critical thinking, and there is a flock – sheep-in need of a Leader.

    There are those who have not lost their curiosity and can reason, and there are those who like physical labor or just emotions without logic.

    Who studied for what )) It is difficult for a three-year student to understand how to win the Olympics in any thread of physics, but there are always those who win )) And there are even those who become scientists, surprise )

  4. A smart person often thinks. In principle, here the attitude to all spheres of life, without exception, is thought out and laid out on shelves, as far as the thought once reached, despite laziness, except for information about the weather in the third planet in the constellation Zeta Reticuli, since it is impossible to get there.

    1. Erudition, versatile knowledge. Not necessarily deep, but wide. This allows you to see things that others don't notice.

    2. The habit of thinking a lot. Thinking is essentially a dialogue and argument with oneself, so when a person thinks a lot for himself, he unintentionally prepares himself for discussions with others.

    3. A trained mind. Thinking is a skill. For example, a scientist is more likely to figure something out quickly than, for example, a plumber (no offense to plumbers).

    4. Genetics. What can you do, some people are physiologically inclined to high intelligence.

    5. Good health. Intelligence depends on physiology, because the brain, after all, is the same organ as everyone else. So when a person eats well, plays sports, doesn't drink, etc., they have more cognitive capabilities.

  5. I give you a way: when you view the feed of questions, those questions in which you are not well versed — only read. Let's say you found a question that you can answer. Let's say-What is serotonin? You don't know much about how a person works, but you know the answer to this particular question. Okay, you're going to answer it. Google the correct spelling of words you're not sure about. Just in case, Google the point of view you want to write. You answer. Even better if the question is: What was your first love? or do you like zucchini? Well, there are several areas in which no one understands. Well, or there are one and a half experts on this planet and an unknown number on others, but they will lie. The more often you choose to remain silent when you don't know the exact answer, the better you look as an expert. And of course you can insert images under the answer:

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