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  1. Hello. Both Korean brands. There is no need to overpay for the brand. All other things being equal, it will be cheaper for economy class in both cases. Auto parts, repairs, and maintenance are also cheaper. The most optimal option for an economy class taxi, if the domestic car industry is “not allowed there”…

  2. I have my own fleet of vehicles. And there is no car in a taxi better than the old Logans! 2014-2015 year 1kuzov. The most reliable car. 400-500 thousand poor people go to gas stations.

  3. Cost of a kilometer run. There is a Very simple algorithm. We take the cost of the car and all costs: gasoline, maintenance, insurance, repairs, etc. for three years, say, and subtract the amount that can be obtained from the sale of a car, divide the resulting figure by mileage, and we get the real cost of 1 kilometer of mileage. Any Solaris will be much cheaper than any Mercedes, and oddly enough cheaper than VAZ cars. The taxi driver is not a fool, he buys a car that will allow him to have the greatest profit, that's all. By the way, in Europe they really like to take Skoda in a taxi.

  4. Not expensive (relatively), comfortable and reliable cars, which determines the choice of taxi drivers. Agree that “Yaugar” or “Bentley” with “Ferrari”, would not look in this quality on our roads and streets.

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