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  1. In fact, among the paintings of the East, you can find “realistic” paintings in which there is chiaroscuro and all objects are drawn “as in life”. For example, the Chinese landscape of the Tang Dynasty.

    Conversely, among the paintings of Europe, it is easy to find simple and even images, especially in Christian paintings before the 13th and 14th centuries. Here the question is different.

    There were different materials. The use of oil began in Europe only from the beginning of the 15th century. Oil paints allow you to draw the finest details and convey the most realistic chiaroscuro.

    These are different traditions, in which certain goals and views on painting prevail. The fact that most paintings of the East look “simpler” and “smoother” is not bad or good, it's just different.

  2. there are many reasons for this. Other materials of dyes, a different canon of painting, as well as a different philosophical background of fine art. Just as the ideas of Renaissance humanism affected the painting techniques of Europe, so the ideas of Buddhism and Zen Buddhism affected the painting techniques of Southeast Asia

  3. residents in East Asian countries drank less than Western authors of complex drawings. his hands didn't shake or make unnecessary movements. The truth is in wine

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