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  1. Because that's why they live under communism at our expense.But this is not communism in the full sense of the word, but something else.Here.

  2. But what kind of “life under communism”does the oligarchs have?? Where did this stupid, primitive notion come from that “life under communism” is a purely animal, incessant enjoyment of immeasurable luxury, delicious food and drink, various kinds of sex and all sorts of entertainment: that is, the life of a drone or a fat cat?? What the fuck is “communism”?! Although, of course, the doctrine of what communism is is somewhat different for different figures of the world communist movement , but in general it all boils down to the fact that communism is a brotherhood of working people, based on universal consciousness and understanding of each member of society of their duties to the whole society, and on universal solidarity and mutual assistance: and where in the life of? Why, they are, in fact, exactly the same slaves of their capital as all those who serve them and secure for them this so-called “sweet life” and their dominant position in society! Every oligarch understands perfectly well that all expressions of love and friendship for him are motivated solely by his money savings: that everyone around him values not himself, but only his money, his wealth and his position in society, and that if he is suddenly deprived of all this, then no one will help him out and even no one will spare him, but on the contrary-all those who now serve him and who show some kind of friendly feelings for him, then they will gladly rush to trample So capitalism, like all evil, holds all its servants and adherents in thrall to itself, and gives some of them privileges only as its loyal slaves – or rather, as its cattle intended for fattening up for slaughter, which it will eventually devour anyway.

  3. Your judgment is wrong. Communism is a hypothetical social system with the socialization of the means of production. The oligarchs, on the other hand, are fighting fiercely for control of their assets.

    They are simply fantastically rich, but this has nothing to do with communism.

  4. Oligarchs live in a Capitalist state, whereas in a Communist society people will live according to the principle: “from each – according to ability, to each – for material well-being and no more.”

    Excess corrupts the human essence.

  5. Oligarchs cannot live under communism.In this case,the following is the case: they have everything, all material goods, for their entire life, even with an excess.But in order to remain in such conditions,to maintain their status, they need to continue to enrich themselves, that is, to exploit other people who create material values, thus maintaining the capitalist system.Having become an oligarch, they seem to have moved to a new level,they do not understand the desires and needs of other people, The main thing now is to get more profit

  6. Fortunately, we did not build communism, and socialism was doomed to failure, no matter how much everyone would like to recreate it again. After reading George Orwell's beautiful utopia “1984”, there is a chapter where Winston Smith ( chief protogogist of the book ) reads a work written by Emmanuel Goldstein ( who was completely copied from Trotsky ), it is called”Theory and Practice of oligarchic collectivism”.
    So, based on those materials, it becomes clear, and not only from them, that humanity is divided into 3 layers: higher, middle and lower. The higher ones try with all their might to hold on to power, without swaying the lower ones, using the words “FREEDOM”, ” JUSTICE “and” BROTHERHOOD”, trying to overthrow the higher ones,eventually coming to power, they again lower the lower ones to their level, and the lower ones are just slaves…
    So this cycle has always existed in human nature called egoism. Answering your question, it becomes clear that after the events of 1991, we do not have any communism) therefore, they cannot impose their conditions in this communism)
    We have a well-coordinated oligarchic capitalism represented by Russia.

  7. Do not mess with the brains of youngsters from the Internet! Read the definition of communism in the CPSU program (preferably in the latest version) and then you will understand that oligarchs (see the definition at least in the wiki) can only live/exist in the conditions of capitalism. And how to live!!!! The word“understand” is not for you, but for youngsters. You already know that.

  8. Who told you that they live under communism? They are rich capitalists who live in luxury. What are they imposing there ? If they create jobs-factories, factories, steamships-then they are handsome, but you want to work, you want to stay at home.

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