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  1. Let's assume that the following is true : if a law enforcement officer understood what the consequences of the current regime are for his country and his children would need to live here, he would fight the regime. But he doesn't fight. So he either doesn't understand what the consequences are, or his children won't live here – it's simple.

  2. Power structures do not resist regimes not only in our time in Russia, but also everywhere and always. 99% of the time that security forces spend in the service, they are engaged in obedience. OBEDIENCE is theirs(for each particular law enforcement officer) the main function. They are taught from cadet schools and militia schools a system of values in which”orders and decisions of superiors are not discussed.”

    Obedience excludes the ability to resist.�

    In the Russian quasi-feudal system, the state service is, among other things, the best way to get into the aristocracy, to sit on a passive income. Yes, there are a thousand stupid bosses above you-you are completely at the mercy of their tyranny. But you have 150 million Russian natives in your power.

    Consequences for the country? Don't you realize that we have two countries?

  3. And the resistance of the security forces or anyone else, in your opinion, automatically leads to a wonderful life for both the resisters themselves and their children? What about the thorns?

  4. I served in the police for almost 20 years, and was dismissed in 2013 35 days before receiving the right to retire on superannuation for supporting Navalny by posting a photo on the Internet with the slogan “The case against Navalny is the case against us” (if you want more details – Google my last name, you will find publications about this story).

    I knew what I was risking, but I don't regret it. Now I am an individual entrepreneur, a private practice lawyer.
    Just in case – I have a family and two children, my wife supported me and supports me.

    My case, of course, is an exception to the rule. But I know for sure that there are people in the police who are critical (and sometimes very sharply critical) of the authorities, and not necessarily supporters of Navalny or liberal beliefs. However, it is clear that there is a big difference between a personal critical attitude and direct opposition to the regime.

    I believe that “in the event of really mass serious demonstrations that really threaten the existence of the current government, when the system really smells “fried” and the system is noticeably shaky, if the order “push and shoot” comes from above, every police officer (and not just law enforcement units like OMON, which are now used at protest actions) will have to make an unambiguous acute choice: either follow such an order, or sabotage it in a mild form, or openly refuse to comply with it. I don't think there will be an overwhelming majority of those who chose the first option.

    1. mental bindings are placed on such people.
    2. weak ability to think critically, but good at following orders.
      professional defect.

    worker ants also continue to pull food even into a burning anthill.

  5. Most of these people have spent their entire adult lives marching in formation (some of them have been doing it almost since childhood, becoming cadets, etc.). And they don't understand what it's like to have an opinion that is different from the opinion of the boss. Do you seriously think they are thinking about the future ?

  6. Guys, this is a complicated question. But you are being pushed into a framework, like a Pythagorean test, i.e. you have all the answers already known and substituted.�

    1) Military personnel – they are also citizens. They have children, mothers and sisters. They just do their job. There are concepts: Homeland, country, and state. For example, you were born in your small homeland and consider the USSR to be your HOMELAND, if you are many years old. You love your homeland, the country in which you live, but you don't like the rest of the alcohol, because it didn't give you anything good, and if that's what it is, then it's in spite of it. And so. Servants are people of the sovereign, they are supposed to protect the three Fat Men, and Queen Chanticleer, and Big Brother, etc. They receive a salary from the budget for this and are afraid of losing it, just like you. But when there are critical, historical moments, they, like any citizen, have to make a choice. Higher ranks who have more benefits are more likely to choose one, while lower ranks will choose another… So to blame the guys in advance, their fellow citizens-it's not a grateful thing.

  7. You can't get to the authorities,there is a mutual guarantee from the lowest level of power, to the highest level of power, it is profitable for the authorities,when the lowest link puts the people in danger-it means there is power.I don't work here, all the words that the president of the Russian Federation says(business support,we will overtake and overtake Europe and the USA) Populism for the lecturer, pensioners and disabled people.I've been trying to find the truth for two years, I write to the president,(I can't get a lease for the land under the building that is owned) The Prosecutor General's Office (they were deprived of my disability under an invented “excuse”), the prosecutor's office, however, immediately reacted, opened a criminal case against me.Law enforcement agencies are always in an embrace with the authorities, under any regime.They do not think about how their children will live,their fate is sealed now,they are already in power or near power

  8. The experience of all the backward countries that were ravaged by dictators shows us that the security forces live well to the last. So they do everything right. For myself.

  9. Well, given the ukroopyt, the security forces should destroy the 5th column with all possible rigidity, even purely out of a sense of self-preservation.
    And in the fact that the absolutely Russophobic 5th column, which hates Russia and Russians to the point of lawlessness, will bring prosperity and freedom… Only brainless idiots can believe that



    I. Retention of power.�

    1. Media capture.�

    2. The person in power must have the surname and appearance of local Goyim.�

    3. The director may be a goy, but at least one of his deputies must be one of our own.�

    4. Prevent workers ' power.�

    5. Provide support for the control, distribution, and suppression apparatus.�

    6. A mason who leaves a trace in the use of funds, or during operations, commits suicide or is removed.�

    7. Ensure the creation and maintenance of the structure of the purge of society, the beheading of Goyim should be carried out according to the plan, regardless of its activity.

  11. What kind of idiot would you have to be to ask such questions? I still understand if it was asked by some schoolboy hamster from those who, due to their age, have not learned to think. Or an adult, but working off rations. But to be an educated adult…

  12. And you dear like the types of Evsyukov, Solonnikov and others like them (which are out of control)? In fact, all the security forces have weapons and at least some kind of training. So the question for you is: – ” You, what is really fucked or just spring?

  13. Therefore, they do not resist, because they remember well how they and the army lived under the liberal and democrat Yeltsin. When they weren't even considered human. I remember how soldiers and officers of the Pskov Airborne brigade then worked as farmhands in Estonian fields to feed themselves and their families. So the security forces, as well as the army, they will never betray their people and will not go to the collapse of the country, as the Communists and their power structures did. Most likely, the current security forces will quickly deal with the fifth column, only an order is needed.

  14. First of all, you do not need to separate yourself from the state, law enforcement agencies and other structures. Give any person, in our country, the power and he will act absolutely the same as the current government, i.e. fill his pockets. This is upbringing and genes. This can only be changed by properly educating the younger generation and changing their own worldview.�

    Otherwise, all state and other authorities are just a reflection of ourselves.

    Show me the person who sincerely did something good and kind for another person today. At least he did his job with love, realizing that he was doing it for others.

    I start counting on my fingers. Do I have enough fingers on one hand ?

    I'm afraid. which is more than enough, because almost everyone gives a shit about their neighbor !!!

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