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  1. Music �compose �not �then �when �, can �compose, �can �ditch �dig �look �where �more �pay”…

    If �people �not �can �not �compose, �it �pursues �thirst �expression �yourself �in �sounds �have �it �full �fresh �ideas �all �turns �as �would �itself �themselves.

    New ” music “is composed by” fanatics-pioneers-idealists-silversmiths.


  2. It doesn't work that way.

    Musicians all over the world don't think about you personally.

    Regardless of their level, they self-actualize and earn money, and you already want to consume, do not want-do not consume. Others will buy it.�

    On the other hand, why not? Ratings of “worse-better” are subjective, listeners are different. Someone will find their own, perhaps in N years, exactly in what is being created right now.

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