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  1. It seems to me that this is due to the fact that excellent students during training are so sharpened by the school material and the manner of searching for information that they can only think in the same way and in a standard way. This way they can become good performers who will have clear instructions on how to do the job. And to succeed in any business, you need to innovate in it.

  2. Of course, “losers” in the end do not become more successful than “excellent students”, although, of course, there are a large number of people who did poorly in school, but achieved significant success in the future. There can be many reasons for this: the child may not be interested in school, he has no motivation, he has problems with discipline/ parents/self-esteem/teachers, etc. etc. As soon as motivation appears and(or) interest in something appears or other negative factors disappear, the person can achieve significant success.

    As for Russia, to a certain extent, the success of troechniki is explained by local negative selection. There is probably some public dislike for”too smart” people in other countries, but in many of these countries, “smart people” are the decision makers, and they naturally choose the same smart people. In the Russian Federation, “nerds” are not needed by anyone, everything is decided by the right guys.

    Well, it is worth remembering (in relation to everyday affairs) one more thing. Schopenhauer said that stupid and bad people can sometimes be surprisingly successful, while smart and kind people are constantly caught in a trap. This is because the majority of people in any society are people (according to Schopenhauer) who do not shine with intelligence or high moral qualities. And since each of us, when evaluating other people, initially judges by himself, good and intelligent people at first invariably make mistakes, seeing others as equally intelligent and good people, and suffer because of their gullible naivety. And people who are stupid and bad, rightly believing that other people are like them, evaluate their actions and motives very sensibly and correctly, and act quite successfully.

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