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  1. Well, I'll be positive. Also my personal opinion. I see how cultures connect, and how the cultural space connects, becoming a kind of middle ground. This something in between is expanding in its territory, taking over more and more new space. Generations pass and some features and traditions that could help a person determine his place in the world are forgotten. Well, this is in general terms.

  2. Purely subjective opinion – most of these organizations are created for money laundering.

    Their programs are so utopian that they will envy Hillary Clinton's presidential program.

    But really what?The destruction of the Buddha Statue by the Taliban,the destruction of Hellenistic monuments in Syria,the destruction of Assyrian ancient cities in Iraq,the destruction of the khachkars cemetery in Nakhchivan(Azerbaijan) and many other examples.

    These organizations can only express their regret/empathy/empathy and concern,but nothing more.

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