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  1. One of the hypotheses of human origin suggests that the ancestors of modern humans are creatures that inhabited the territory of modern Greece, which, in turn, descended from walnuts. But there is also a counter-hypothesis that claims that walnuts are an evolved intelligent race that abandoned meat-eating and moved to trees. Over time, they learned to eat directly from tree sap, lost their limbs, digestive tracts, and joined monogamous heterosexual families (two brains under one shell). Strange, of course, but for some reason these two hypotheses did not stand up to any criticism and in modern science this phenomenon is nothing more than a coincidence.

  2. Because “nature” (as we will call it) likes (which is logical) to “repeat” its successful experiments. Simply put, in the process of evolution (natural selection), the adaptation that is most optimal in this situation to perform the desired task survives. Unsuccessful / harmful mutations are removed, and useful ones are fixed. A sinuous structure allows you to increase the surface (area) of an object without increasing its volume. The human skull, like the nut shell , is a rigid shell that limits the size of the contents, so its area can be increased most effectively by creating bends – this is an important advantage, especially for the brain-more nerve cells, nerve networks – more advanced brain. In rats, for example, there are often no gyrus in the brain (or they are poorly expressed), and the large hemispheres are smooth. A person has such a condition – pathology. It is called agyria and is associated with mental retardation and pathologies of internal organs.

    The folded structure is also characteristic of other structures of the human body, for example, the intestine in general and its villi in particular, mitochondria in cells.

  3. Any” one-dimensional” �surface �with increasing �his �square �when �immutability �perimeter and the inability to “swell” that is �go to the” three-dimensional space”, �will be �to buy �waves – “smart” resembling �surface �of the brain. (these �gyrus �will also be �”three-dimensional”, but we �say �about �real,not about mathematical �surfaces. Take, for example, �skin �on �fingers when �she �”swells” in the water, �increasing the area: �she �also �forms meanders, �so �as �her �nowhere to go. �Or �paper �wet �frame �under �glass. �So �same �bark �brain �growing �faster �the rest of the �its volume, and the �more square �crust, �the �smarter �the brain, the �more �he �convolutions. (interestingly, �brain �birds �no Curling – �he �works differently �although �birds �not �stupid �mammals.Apparently, the evolutionary branches of birds(dinosaurs)diverged too long ago� and-mammals). �Apparently �external �surface �fruit �walnut � growing �much �faster �than �it �internal volume (as opposed to �from �other �nuts),so �her (surface) �nowhere �to go, and �she �formed in �gyrus �by law,the total �for �brain and �walnut, because it happened that during the growth of physical (non-chemical!) the properties of “brain and nut” were found to have similar ” characteristics..

  4. Too literal. It is easier to assume that in the symbolic world – the information world – there are symbolic references to all classes of phenomena. According to the law of resonance or similarity or something. As the Chinese noticed in their philosophy. Red corresponds to a certain pentatonic note, summer, bitter taste, anger, and so on. And so the entire spectrum of the known physical world. And not only. So in the walnut a lot of necessary substances for the brain, and in the seeds of viburnum for the heart. In my opinion, it is a coherent system, but it needs to translate empirical experience into scientific experimental one.

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