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  1. Man is the most destructive living thing on the planet. He not only destroys the environment in which he lives, can kill his own kind, but is also capable of self-destruction, self-destruction.

    So that the child grows up and reaches adulthood, does not injure or destroy himself, his parents control him. Sooner or later, external parental control ceases and then the internal controller is activated – the conscience, which is responsible for the survival of a person in society.

    If conscience constantly broadcasts a sense of guilt, then this means that the parents incorrectly “wrote” her program, she became not a controller , but a judge.

    Internal control exists so that a person can realize their mistakes, learn how to correct them, and then no longer make the same type of mistakes, i.e. become wise. And the inner judge exists for self-punishment and ensures the self-perception of the eternal criminal.

    When parents “wrote” the program of your conscience in the process of upbringing, you could not resist and change something, because you were a helpless child. But as you grow older, nothing prevents you from correcting your parent's program and making YOUR conscience YOUR OWN, which will not punish, but will learn to take responsibility for your own mistakes and not take responsibility for what you can't answer for. As soon as you transform the feeling of guilt, which is hyper-responsibility for everyone and everything, into responsibility for yourself and your life, immediately make friends with your conscience and it will become an assistant, not a tormentor.

  2. Evolution occurs as a result of survival and reproduction of the fittest individuals. A dragonfly, a hare, or a fish doesn't need a conscience to get food and mate. Therefore, from the point of view of evolution, the use of conscience is a dubious thing.

  3. Unscrupulous people are expelled from society, from any groups, companies of people, and it is much more difficult to survive alone. They are kicked out because they can kill someone(even from their own), steal, etc.

  4. Conscience works something like this:

    In your village, conscience does not live and as a conclusion-it is impossible to work, only you sent the cattle to graze on the pasture, so on the same day a cow (goat, horse) was stolen from you. This is either your fellow villager without a conscience or a passing gypsy, a guy from a neighboring village without a conscience.

    It is the same with the harvest of grain for the year, with apples in the garden, with chickens in the yard.

    It is impossible to conduct economic activity with the creation of a product. It is much easier and more efficient to go and steal from someone who has something left.

    Without conscience, all professions of creation die, and all professions of destruction remain. And people who have grown up without a conscience will no longer grow, but select cattle and grain, which will soon cease to grow. And everything will end like a gorilla's, where they will take away the last digging stick, collected roots and a loincloth made of hide.

    Without conscience, the development of society from a family of root-gatherers to organized farmers in Egypt or Mesopotamia, with their systems of cities and fields, is impossible.

    Conscience is the engine for the development of civilization from a handful of individuals to a human society.

  5. It depends on what is considered conscience. Usually, a programmed reaction is taken as conscience, which keeps the system unchanged. This experience of the reaction of a system that preserves its boundaries, in this case, is associated with other people, most often.

    In general, conscience is a unity of mind, a union of people who have finally gone BEYOND their biological programs into Evolution.

    Conscience and consciousness are Feelings and thoughts that Connect people on the Path of Evolution.

  6. Evolution is not necessarily something that YOU approve of, according to your value system.

    Conscience appears as a result of the complexity of human consciousness in the process of social interaction. However, it does not necessarily imply guilt-a derivative of non-compliance with external requirements.

    Actions can be performed precisely on the basis of the concepts of conscience (personal value system, responsibility to oneself) and then there is no sense of guilt.

  7. Strange question… But it's not hard to figure it out. Evolution can not be for one person, it concerns a species whose genetic mutations improve the entire species – the human race. But development concerns the individual… Conscience is the mind, honor, upbringing, spirit of the individual and his soul… Without conscience, evolution can only occur in unintelligent beings…

  8. It depends on who understands what by this, and by the concept of Evolution.

    What we usually see is involution, degradation, and entropy in the physical world, nature, society, psychology, and genetics.

    And conscience in this sense is dependent on the opinion of the community.

    Evolution is a phenomenon that occurs in 1 in a million cases, rarely, not socially.

    This is the awakening of a person and their awareness of the Purpose and Essence of Life, which also implies Meeting with like-minded people, who are few, to merge into a multicellular Organism of a DIFFERENT order.

    Conscience-resonance with like-minded people, the resonance of I and I, I and I (of the Universe) in the General Understanding of the Essence and Purpose.

    This is a correction mechanism on the Path of Evolution.

    In fact, no one uses it in social life.

  9. From the point of view of evolution, conscience, like morality, is not an attribute of the individual, but of society. Question: Does an organization help a person survive as a species? The answer is-until it destroys the entire planet, then yes.

  10. Conscience is the moral compass of human life from Nature – to optimize the evolution and actions of a person.

    Good education and upbringing improves the conscience, bad education and upbringing destroys the conscience (up to the complete disappearance of conscience).

  11. From the point of view of evolution, there could be no such thing.

    There would be a set of rules that promote the survival of the species, regardless of the convenience or inconvenience of such rules for other species.

    Isn't it obvious?

    Therefore, it is strange for me to read the answers that, they say, conscience is something developed by evolution…

    Even more than strange.

    However, I can't help but quote a holy man about what Conscience is, so that the answer is complete.

    Even if you're an atheist, don't bother reading it.

    Reverend Abba Dorotheus:


    “When God created man, He instilled in him something divine, as it were, a certain thought that has in itself, like a spark, both light and warmth; a thought that enlightens the mind and shows it what is good and what is evil. This is called conscience, and it is a natural law.

    The preservation of conscience is diverse, for a person must preserve it in relation to God, to his neighbor, and to things.

    He acts according to his conscience in relation to God who does not neglect His commandments, even in what people do not see and what no one demands of us; he listens to his conscience to God in secret. For example, if a person was lazy in prayer or a passionate thought entered his heart, and he did not resist it and did not restrain himself, but accepted this thought; also, if someone, seeing his neighbor, as usually happens, condemned him-in short, all the evil that happens in secret, which no one knows except God and our conscience, we must recognize as sin and repent; and this is

    Keeping one's conscience in relation to one's neighbor requires one not to do anything that, as we know, offends or seduces one's neighbor, by deed or word, by sight or look: for even by sight, as I often repeat, even by looking, one can offend one's brother.

    Keeping one's conscience in relation to things consists in not treating any thing carelessly, not allowing it to deteriorate, and not throwing it away in any way, and if we see something thrown, we should not neglect it, even if it is insignificant, but pick it up and put it in its place. It is the same in food: a person can satisfy his need with a small amount of vegetables, and he does not want this, but he is looking for other food, tastier and better-this is all against conscience.”

  12. The concepts of “reason, conscience, beauty, supersensible” in human psychology need to define the conditions for creating a beautiful, reasonable, holistic. Evolution would not have been able to give such properties to man , since evolution is characterized by survival, not improvement. No animal has such properties as”reason, conscience, beauty, free will”. Because beauty can only be created by a Genius Who does not interfere with anything, Who has originality in his work. “Beautiful” that comes from some rules, ethical norms of society is no longer genius, and therefore true “beauty” is uniqueness. According to the principle of conservation, the evolution of species, according to the rules, only copies are made of samples, and this creativity already becomes a craft, a repetition of something. The genius itself creates the rules of true beauty, so geniuses create schools, classical teaching, and unique creativity. “Genius”, close in meaning to “angel”, i.e. something that is a gift and belongs not to science, not to the evolution of species, but to art, aesthetics, grace, something that is extraordinary. In the work of I. Kant “Critique of the ability to judge” about the ability of the innate concept of “beauty” in a person, it is said that this is an aesthetic judgment that is absolutely free, but any judgment implies the obligatory presence of a goal. The goal can be subjective or objective. The subjective goal is aimed at solving a person's personal actions . An objective goal is present in nature, in the laws of the universe. Teleological judgment about human nature: the integrity of the human body arises from within, by some internal force (the power of the soul), from a non-rational nature, a person could not inherit such abilities as the ability to see beauty, the law of morality, spiritual values. All material objects arise according to some mechanical laws, and some bodies cannot be assembled according to mechanical laws, like the human body, because the body has integrity, which does not obey any laws of nature. Because the human body has freedom, has a purpose and integrity, both internal and general, which has unity with all of humanity as a whole. Therefore, Whoever sets goals for the existence of this unity has unlimited freedom. For material objects in our world, a condition of existence is necessary – it can be an accident, or a possibility. Therefore, theological concepts should be sought in theology, Kant believes. Teleological concepts have two varieties: physico-teleological, which start from the concepts of nature that we get from a posteriori experience, and they make it possible to know a priori knowledge. The second type of ethicoteleological knowledge is based on the concepts of morality and freedom. Kant concludes, in contrast to the Critique of Pure Reason (where it is impossible to know God), that from the knowledge of the ethico-teleological one can ascend to the concepts of the supersensible world, i.e., due to the metaphysical nature of man. But the goals of morality must precede the goals of nature, because there is a Creator of these general goals of nature, and if nature has goals, then man as a moral being also has goals and a specific “archetypal Intelligence” unites these goals . Man thinks in concrete terms, individual ones, and God is an intuitive, pure Mind. So if the world were made up of sentient beings, the world would have no value, no conscience, no morality. Man is a rational entity and has a moral law in him, which as a” categorical imperative ” is present in man in the form of conscience and forces man to fulfill the moral law. If man had no goal, and each person acted according to his own personal rules, then the world, as a general nature, would also have no goal, and the randomness in nature could not preserve either nature or the human body in harmony and integrity. Therefore, we must recognize the Creator, the Creator of the world. Knowledge of God in the conditions of our space of necessity, chance, and determinism is not possible, but it is possible for a person to analyze and mentally contemplate the supersensible world. God is transcendent to the world, but there is a connection with Him through the properties of the human soul. The presence of purpose in both nature and man would be inaccessible and incomprehensible to man if this spiritual connection did not exist.

  13. Guilt is a specific feeling of any social being, which is also a person.
    This feeling can arise from internal motives. For this person, society is not a given, but the fruit of the interaction of many people, including their activities in society. He knows the principles of peaceful coexistence of people in society. Violation of these principles threatens to alienate him from society. This sense of guilt encourages a person to observe the principles of peaceful coexistence and correct violations of these principles. Conscience-encourages the observance of morals and ethics.
    Feelings of guilt can also occur for external reasons. For a person, society is something eternal, which is a source of material wealth, but which cannot be destroyed by violating some abstract principles. The feeling of guilt for such a person boils down to avoiding witnesses to this violation. As a result, a person falls under the manipulation of other people. The feeling of guilt for such a person is in the form of shame, not conscience. Shame, unlike conscience, binds a person, makes him dependent on other people.

  14. From the point of view of evolution, it is not necessary, and we have not tried to consider conscience from other scientific theories. We exclude creationism. Here it is necessary to approach more precisely and formulate the question differently. And why does a person need conscience and under what conditions does it manifest itself in a person, and in what conditions it does not, what influences its formation in a person, etc.

  15. So as not to turn into animals in the course of evolution. At the same time, it may happen that along the chain, a stronger animal will devour all of them and then starve to death itself

  16. Evolution is a concept of an unambiguous direction of movement, similar to the concept of “time”. The genetic element cannot change, because the genesis of age is the preservation of a biological species, population, or genus. Conscience does not treat evolution either sideways or hotly. Conscience is a factor of adaptation to reality. On the one hand, by adapting, the subject realizes the goal set, satisfies the need; and on the other hand, the satisfaction of the need is consistent with the character of the subject of vital activity, with his potential forces and will. There are people who are healthy, strong and sick, and also mentally different. The ability to get satisfaction from life depends on the psyche. For some (ambitious) this is a moral attitude to others, as to yourself according to your conscience. For others (those with vanity), politics becomes the only tool for adapting to reality. Hence crimes, deceptions, and sophisms-in other words, immorality.

  17. Conscience is a subjective normative-value system of attitudes, stereotypes, views, opinions, orientations, and orientation of a person, which is both a criterion for matching assessment and self-assessment with respect to cultural and conventional norms of interaction in social groups, and an internal motivator for the activity and social activity of an individual legal entity.

  18. Conscience is one of the hypostases of a person, along with the body, soul and spirit. Conscience is given to man by God. The animal man has no conscience, and no spirit. To reach the level of a reasonable person and above, there must be a spirit and conscience. When the Soul is incarnated, the Gods give it not a Conscience, but a matrix of binding the Soul to the World in which the Soul is incarnated. These are bindings for ensuring the survival of the physical body and consciousness of the day-time incarnation in the World. Conscience, on the other hand, is given through a vertical channel that runs from the Middle Kingdom from RA-M-CHI. As they say, either there is a conscience, or there is none. The presence of Conscience depends on the quality of the Soul and Spirit of the Entity. Direct communication with the Gods (interconnection) is not allowed for the “sleeper”. Currently, on Midgard-Earth in the region of darkness of consciousness, Soul and Spirit, mostly live Bodies. These are enslavers who, by definition, have no Soul, Spirit, or Conscience. And enslaved bodies, which are initially given both the Soul, Spirit, and Conscience, but these bodies (slaves) are stuck in imposed stereotypes and die like flies. There are few self-aware, creative people and People who know the purpose of their incarnation. The most disgusting thing is that almost all people living in the Darkness on Midgard have become accustomed to this state of consciousness and do not disturb their Souls that are sleeping. They consider this state to be their own, and there is no desire to go out into the Light of the Day's Reality. Darkness began to suit everyone-both the oppressed and the oppressors, because the quality of discrimination died out in people and was replaced by division and aggression.

  19. From God's point of view, people, for the sake of their correct evolution, should learn to live not for themselves, but for the good of other people, for God's sake.

    Falsehood, greed, theft, cruelty to living beings-all this will disappear when people will have true spiritual knowledge. For all human vices are caused by a lack of knowledge (it is important to study true spiritual knowledge — those who preach morality and humanism and learn to live in accordance with it, and not with the morality imposed by false pastors and criminal “authorities” of various scales).

    There is a higher patriotism-this is the unification of people with a sense of the Father-God (Creator) as their Highest Hierarch (God is also called in other languages the Heavenly Father, God the Father, the Creator, the Original, in ancient history the Slavs called Him Svarog and so on. He is also the Supreme Teacher and Goal of each of us), and our homeland is His Creation or even the universe. In this case, all people and other incarnate and non-incarnate beings of the universe are members of one single family of brothers and sisters of different ages — children of the One loving God the Father.

    What does God want from us?
    The development of caring, respect for the worthy, the ability to forgive the mistakes of others, to help them, sacrificing their interests, even their lives-these are the most important and necessary aspects of love, the main aspect of perfection.

    Someone may now object: how can you become better when there is so much evil around?!

    But that very evil also takes its proper place in the Evolutionary Process. With its help, people of Good learn what not to be.

    God is interested in people improving themselves, including and above all, ethically (by cultivating emotions of love and (intelligently) introducing non-attachment to “earthly” goods into their lives). That is why He shows His Love for everyone — in different ways (sometimes very painful), trying to wean them from ethically inadequate actions.

    Everything is just a lesson to be learned.
    Souls are reincarnated in material physical bodies for the purpose of growth and development.
    The life of God is an Evolution, i.e. a continuation of the development of His Universal Organism.
    It is for this very purpose that He creates material worlds in one part of the universe, then in another, and places tiny particles of His energy in the latter – so that these particles grow and eventually flow into Him, enriching Him with themselves, this is His life.
    Each of us in our personal evolution has already passed through many incarnations – before getting into the current human body.
    We must make every effort to find our own Divinity and merge with It, as well as help others to do so.
    And to Divinity we go through:
    – developing love for all living beings and for the Creator.

    God keeps track of what a person chooses — improvement or degradation, giving us some “temptations”.

    In His Creation, the Creator created the appropriate conditions for incarnate people to master love.
    First of all, attunement with the harmony and beauty of nature, especially in the morning, can be a great help in this!
    Those who have firmly chosen the Creator as their Pilot-their Goal-will no longer be caught up and enslaved by the problems of things and events in the material world.

    No matter what the politicians decide, no matter how the situation unfolds, it is better for everyone to start transforming themselves faster.

    First, we will study all the main things that God told people and what the best people on Earth said about God (this was taught, among others, by Thoth-Atlantean (Also known as Hermes-Trismegistus at His next Divine Incarnation), and Pythagoras, and Krishna, and Gautama Buddha, and Jesus Christ, and Sathya Sai Babaji Divine Teachers of later eras and our modern times. (This information is most fully presented in the book “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and Modernity”).

    Then we will get rid of all bad habits: smoking, drinking alcohol and other ” dope”, we will bring our food in accordance with ethical and medical standards (food should be death-free out of compassion, this is important for improving the soul and improving the body).

    Ethically significant mistakes of our past should be analyzed, sincerely repent of all those actions where we caused someone pain and other troubles or did not help someone, although we should have done it. This will be repentance before God. And the meaning of it is to get rid of vices, cultivate the missing positive qualities in yourself and learn not to sin anymore. Let us understand that God perceives at any moment any thought of each person. And to convey it to God, you don't need any intermediaries or special rituals.

    Introducing fundamental worldview knowledge into the mentality of society about the meaning of our lives and the correct relationship of a person with the world around him, including God, and working with the spiritual heart (for this there is a method of shifting consciousness, you need to learn to feel your head (with eyes, ears, lips) … – in the chest), among other things, would help significantly reduce the levels of aggression, crime, drug addiction, suicide, and morbidity (both somatic and mental).
    After all, in particular, if there is no such understanding, then the natural dominant incentive to the actions of most people is only primitive selfishness. It is from here that the greatest number of various crimes arise: bribery, extortion, robbery and theft, rape, etc.

    Esoteric development of the emotions of love:
    We visualize the sun in our chest, with rays-handles.

  20. Human evolution is impossible without a conscientious evaluation of actions.Our life has become unbearable and self-destructive only because society has refused to live according to the concepts of human conscience. But nature itself is trying to resist the new foundations . I was aware of this : spring cataclysms-rain, dust storms, pest infestations-when shameless gentlemen become the owners of the fields. And as soon as an honest and just person comes to earth, then nature begins to help him – both with rain, and in the autumn warm and dry . Like this.

  21. From my point of view, conscience arises from selfish aspirations. We don't like those who can do us harm, and we love those who can do us good. Then these feelings are transferred to yourself
    Torment of conscience is self-directed judgment. A person who is not capable of judging will not judge himself either

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