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  1. Museums have a lot of socio-cultural functions, and in the post-industrial economy their number is still increasing.

    In short, museums are not only documenting the history of mankind:

    • form communities of various levels (from nations to labor collectives);

    • promote education and socialization of people;

    • they help you build brands and valorize them;

    • relieve stress (officially recommended by the Canadian Ministry of Health);

    • they are used for adaptation and integration of migrants;

    • they are a tool of “soft power”;

    • they become a communication platform and much, much more.

  2. Museums are a link to our past, at least. Without knowing the past, it is difficult to build your future. And, of course, museums offer many opportunities for young artists. Museums participate in the education of young people and simply provide an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle, to get aesthetic pleasure.

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