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  1. It's not depression. Just some frustration. And this is not true for everyone. For some people , this is a cool day, gifts, loved ones and bragging about the next achievements, and for others, a certain feature of the next not particularly happy year.

    I offer two options:

    1. Think about what it is-your ideal birthday, in which there is no state of emptiness? Immerse yourself in this feeling. What's in there? What you don't have at the moment and what you need to make this day easy and joyful.

    2. Consider whether this event is related to an existential fear. Fear of death. If so, then work with this request. “To meditate on death is to meditate on freedom” Cicero.

  2. Obviously, because none of us want to grow old. And this applies not only to mature or elderly people, but also to still young people who complain about the past youth/childhood. Before a birthday, some people tend to reflect, indulge in nostalgic memories of the past, etc. It's always sad to realize that time is flying by, and you can't get the past back. Every year you get older, which means that you are getting closer to old age and the problems that are associated with it. �All this creates such a melancholic mood. I don't think it can be called depression in the full sense of the word, after all, depression is a mental disorder that is diagnosed by a doctor. And this, rather, is just a feeling of inner emptiness and a sense of inevitability, which eventually passes. I think almost everyone has experienced this. Although there are people who are much easier to relate to all this and do not worry. I envy them.

  3. Because most people depress themselves, for example, “no one will even congratulate me…”, “oh, no one needs me; (” , ” well, a year closer to death…and I didn't achieve anything.” They wind themselves up, in general. Some people are waiting for something special and realize that they will break off. Others may have high hopes that something will happen.

    People with a smile do not experience depression in the period after(and during) DR.

  4. During this period, the requirements/demands for the social standard of one's life are greatly overestimated. If the level meets these requirements satisfactorily, then you feel happy, satisfied, if not, then depressed, because you feel inferior, not developed enough socially.

    Don't be fooled into romanticizing or admiring your loneliness or even sociopathy. If you don't like the quality or number of friends in your life, then you should look for them, and not try to convince yourself that you don't believe in yourself, for example, that you are “alone” better. For 99 %, this is not the case.�

    How? First read something about it, and then go where there are people and meet them, not forgetting to take the initiative. That's all.

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