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  1. Watch the cartoon “Puzzle”, it answers this question well from the side of psychology and the inner sense of a person.

    And from a biological point of view:

    1. If neurotransmitters do not find transformations in the brain, then this causes a severe state of “contamination” of the brain. And when you cry, some of these neurotransmitters (as well as hormones) are removed. If you Google it, you'll find research on this topic.

    2. A person does not walk much and produces too little serotonin, which makes him sleep less. Consequently, a person gets very tired. And after you cry and feel sorry for yourself, a lot of serotonin is produced. From this, a person gets a certain “discharge”. After that, your sleep and brain abilities will improve.

    3. Have a loving soulmate, this will give you great benefits, among other things. Only in the long run, and it will cost nacha a lot…

  2. well, apparently, the body has such needs at certain moments, a kind of discharge for the nervous system, a reset of emotions – in general, like going to the toilet.

    another thing is that when you go to the toilet, you don't often decide that the essence of being has just been revealed to you and you can't remember yourself “before going to the toilet” without contempt; very rarely, on a push, you think that the job is done and you can leave, but what if you come back anyway?

    in general, to suffer-to cry is harmless, but it is better to limit yourself to this. Don't make yourself depressed on purpose, “take a shit-go away”;)

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