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  1. Depending on what is meant by mentally ill, if a personality disorder (according to the old psychopaths) is considered psychologically ill, then we have every 10 psychopaths, the problem is that even going to a psychologist is perceived as “I'm all crazy”, in the West they have long overcome this stereotype, this is not our backwardness, we just have a lot of time psychology was not considered science, and psychiatry was a mechanism to get rid of a competitor. And accordingly, if a person is hard, he will not go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist. That's right, there will be booze, “thank God” it's normal for us to drive away this, not like in the USA, for example , where if you get drunk, it means you have problems, and people are constrained by drinking, alcoholism appears , which can be a symptom of personality disorder, schizophrenia , neurosis, organic brain damage. Accordingly, they drink calmly, and the disease progresses and the usual neurosis,which is treated for once, twice or more, people will never get sick in their lives, develops into schizophrenia or something worse . Summing up, in my opinion, the problem is 1-fear of psychologists/psychiatrists, 2-a developed and accepting attitude on the part of society to alcohol : “I'd rather drink and it will pass “, 3-Psychological assistance is not paid for by the compulsory health insurance, the client must pay for therapy, who, because of the shitty state, can't pay for much anyway .

  2. If you believe the data provided by the Ministry of Health itself, in 2019 there are about 2 million people with non-psychotic disorders, 1 million people with psychotic disorders and about 860 thousand people with oligophrenia and organic diagnoses in Russia. But these are just official figures, the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the population belongs to the category of under-examined, who are healthy only until the first appearance to the doctor.

    All people are not only physically vulnerable. The most complex and vulnerable human organ is the brain.

    We endlessly injure our psyche with a number of factors: life on the run, family quarrels, domestic conflicts, substances. And then we are surprised that we suddenly started to “leak the attic”.

    It is clear that there are things that will always exist. Mental disorders were, are and will continue to be, but because of the increased pace of life, because of competition, rudeness and lies, domestic disorder, a sense of isolation from life, people will suffer more. Who has a stronger psyche-he will get off with a neurotic disease, who is weaker-risks going off the rails completely.

    Take care of your health.

  3. There is not a single mentally healthy person on earth! Everything is relative .If we are talking about serious mental illnesses, then we have the adaptation of such figs (medicines, work, family and doctors, environment too), as well as the development of psychiatry in Russia . �That you can't buy expensive medicines for a disability pension ,and unlike Russian generics that are given out for free, they are effective . Even interested doctors from private clinics that dig and try to cure are difficult to pay . And the doctors of HDP “and psychiatric hospitals are already with their eyes gone out ,without digging , without intuziazma” are conducting an examination. Salaries are small ,there is a lot of work .Accordingly, there are more nervous, rolling, poorly diagnosed, treated people . And another problem in our society is that this is the most unpopular group of people for volunteering , donations, and support . Stigmatization is a very big enemy . There is no such thing in Western society, where psychopathology is treated like cancer or diabetes. In the West, it is generally customary to go to psychotherapists and psychiatrists ,the sooner the better .Or maybe for no reason.

    Well, and how they treat the mentally ill in our society .It is caused by the fact that we turn to a psychiatrist in extreme cases .They run everything

  4. Initially, there are no more of them, it's just that the patients have a different fate. They do not want to be treated, so they are quickly disabled. Moreover, they do not want to be treated even for fear of stigmatization (our society is really tough, but with the right organization, neighbors/colleagues will not learn anything), but simply because of dope. In the West, the answer to the question” why are you taking this medicine? “is usually”Pills sit on the liver”. the person responds: like why, because the doctor ordered it. Our people are not like that, they don't trust our doctors (because they don't trust anyone at all), and our people decide for themselves what is best for the liver. We can see the results. In general, we live 10-15 years less than in the West, and even if we are mentally ill… it's just a pipe.

    Friends! Even a bad doctor knows better how to treat you. In 99% of cases, a suboptimally selected treatment is better than no treatment. In 99% of cases, a doctor doesn't need to be a genius to adequately treat your illness. Don't run away from the doctors, don't self-medicate, and we'll be fine.

  5. a big country, it is difficult to organize it, arrange it, so long-term chaos and disorder hardens some, and others, who are usually the majority, traumatize.

    Orthodoxy, which is consumed by the majority of the population, is not a very good version of Christianity, so the impact on souls (psychos) often has a negative potential.

    the choice of the 17th year of the last century of an atheistic worldview with all its consequences could not fail to bring its shoots. According to researchers in Russia during this period there was a negative selection-the color of the nation was either destroyed or expelled from the country, the project to create a “new person” – homo sovieticus-weighed on the souls of people and this experiment was a failure, which could not but bring negative consequences for the mental and mental state of the people.

    Imperial ambitions force us to spend all the forces of our people on maintaining an image that, frankly speaking, the people do not reach. Not on Senka hat. All this also affects the state of the psyche of people.�

    In general, life under constant pressure, stress, stress, full of deprivation and so on, choosing the wrong path due to ignorance leads to such deplorable results.

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