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  1. Consciousness is a way of adapting to environmental conditions in the context of a single individual. Consciousness helps you make decisions that help you survive and prolong your offspring. Developed human consciousness is more a consequence of an improved diet, which resulted in an increase in the number of neurons and inter-neuronal connections, than a necessity. The biological meaning of life is the creation of offspring, and consciousness is necessary in order to protect an individual who can potentially give offspring.

  2. It is difficult to distinguish the functions of consciousness, but still, if you do not go into the scientific wilds, then the following can be said about consciousness: in the case of a person, consciousness is a kind of “basis”, thanks to which such phenomena as individual experience, reason, intelligence, etc. become possible, that is, everything that makes a person become a “person”.

    In animals, consciousness makes it possible to realize instincts and “conscious” behavior.

    That is, consciousness is the “minimum condition” due to which a person can be a “human”, an animal can be an “animal”.

    Of course, this is rather superficial and free, but nevertheless it is something that somehow characterizes this phenomenon.

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