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  1. Because there is no more drive and risk in life. We have become homebodies and this is the only thing that we can do with risk and a certain simulated drive. After all, this is perceived on a psychological level as something that no one would dare, especially since my mother/wife always forbade it. We men should sit down and think. Isn't our feminization taking place? Our mothers make us look like themselves. Turning into a creature that is always domesticated and afraid of risk in general, because it is Bobo and my mother does not approve. But fathers don't care. This phenomenon occurs at the junction of Soviet people and the new generation. I think they were simply not prepared for the fact that parents should raise their children and not just the mother. So the fathers overlooked it. A vicious circle, you should think about it and take everything into account in the future. You see, even such a harmless act has huge roots that go back to the depths of history.

  2. Lots of advantages. Silent process, silent flushing, water saving, hygiene procedures can be carried out immediately on the spot.�

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