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  1. I think you don't want to hear insanely banal, though correct, “for procreation, an evolutionary mechanism” and so on. The answer is no less banal: It's all the fault of testosterone. It affects the level of attraction, libido that is, in men (however, as in women). In short, he is not only responsible for muscles and beards (including women). The fact of the connection between attraction and testosterone is proved by the side effects of antiandrogenic (that is, reducing the amount of testosterone) drugs. Depo Provera reduces testosterone synthesis by Leydig cells in men. Why is it needed? One of the indications for its use is metastatic prostate cancer. (In fact, now you can find just a bunch of articles with directly opposite messages and the effect of testosterone on prostate cancer, but one of the points of view is that the less testosterone, the slower the progression of prostate cancer will be). So they use it. One of its side effects is a decrease in libido. That is, the level of libido really depends on the level of testosterone. By the way, I have never been an oncologist, so please do not take my answer as something scientific, even though I write insanely boring;)

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