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    1. The jaw is the most prominent part of the head and a blow to it acts as the longest burp of the head rotation, shaking the brain with the greatest force due to its impact on the skull wall. Thus, due to a blow to the jaw, a person is quite easily “knocked out”, i.e. loses consciousness for a long time or for a short time. Further actions of a person after taking such a blow are also difficult.

    2. A blow to the jaw, as the most prominent lever of the head, causes a significant concussion to the back of the head, where the head is attached to the neck and where the main control center for body balance – the brain stem and cerebellum-is located. Because of this, a person from a blow to the jaw quite easily loses stability.

    3. The lower jaw at the place of its attachment is in close interaction with the ear, which, in addition to the organ of hearing, is also an organ of balance, the functions of which are performed by the inner ear. Thus, a blow to the lower jaw affects the balance of a person, disrupting his normal state.

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