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  1. I think Audrey Hepburn said that one hand is for helping yourself, the other for helping others. Miss Hepburn had a big heart.

  2. This is a manifestation of bilateral symmetry, which is characteristic of most chordates, including mammals and, accordingly, humans. Its occurrence is caused by the need for the body to effectively maneuver and move in a certain environment. Having a single forelimb and hind leg on only one side of the body of an organism would complicate its straight-line movement (try rowing with one paddle attached to one side of the boat).

    After the development of the ability to walk upright, the human hands, which were the forelimbs, when walking are used only for balancing and, occasionally, for support. Therefore, they can be used for more precise interaction with the environment than moving in it, for example, to create objects of material culture or, say, hand-to-hand combat. In both cases, the presence of two hands is very useful.

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